Medical Low GPA, is it worth it to keep trying?

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Dec 31, 1999
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The first two years of college have been pretty hard for me. I decided prior to this (third) semester that I wanted to go to medical school, ideally an MD program. I knew I would have to get my GPA up, starting this semester.
Life intervened, and I'm even more ****ed than I was before.

Some context:
In high school I was the typical underachiever, ~3.5 GPA; 35 ACT; 2300 SAT.
Did well enough but was too distracted by issues with home life to care about learning.

The issue(s):
First semester I was on a D1 athletic team - thought I would go into Biomedical Engineering but spent too much time traveling, practicing and sleeping to do well enough to get into the program.
Grades included a C in Gen Chem 1 and a BC in Linear Algebra & Differential Equations.

2.79 overall / 2.21 science

Second semester I did pretty well, comparatively speaking. My GPA improved somewhat since I quit my sport and spent more time in the library.
Decided I hated my Gen Chem sequence after getting a C in it 1st semester (didn't do any graded homework) and that the best way to show I didn't like it was to again do poorly in it. C in Gen Chem and AB in Statics.

2.98 overall / 2.40 science

This semester could best be described as a nightmare of extenuating circumstances - having to make the 5 hour trip home several weekends due to health issues in the family, getting worn very thin. I should have withdrawn but there was no way I could with the financial situation I am in. Following the outcomes I experienced this semester, I've decided to dissociate myself from my family, at least temporarily, though it may in fact be too late.
This semester I earned D's in a Thermo course and Organic 1, though I may have actually earned an F in Orgo. I earned a C in Microbio, earning an AB based on my exam grades but forgetting to do most of the online quizzes assigned.

Best case scenario: 2.63 overall / 2.14 science
Worst case scenario: 2.55 overall / 2.0 science

I didn't become suddenly brain damaged upon high school graduation, though my stats would appear to represent that.

The question:
How bad am I looking? I'm going to talk with my advisor and see what is possible in the way to retroactive withdrawal but am not counting on that.
As of right now I'm assuming that with a 4.0 15 credit/semester load + summers it would take a couple years of post-bacc, especially to recover my science GPA.
More information can be provided if needed, but any input regarding whether this career path is even a viable option for me anymore would be helpful.
The GPA is low, but don't lose hope!

What I'd suggest for you now is get things in order so that you can focus on academics moving forward. You'll most likely need to do a post-bacc program in order to demonstrate that you can achieve a good GPA. But don't do a post-bacc until you can dedicate your life to studying and doing well in school.

Remember, medical schools are mostly concerned with ensuring students will be able to tolerate the 4 years of intense study. That's why they're looking for high GPA, strong sGPA and solid MCAT scores.

When you do select a post-bacc, I highly recommend finding a program that has an affiliated medical school.

Good luck to you and let me know if you have any other questions!
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