Aug 26, 2015
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hi everyone,

I've been searching around the forums but can't find an answer that really fits my question.

I am a nontraditional student who started going back to school about a year and a half ago for my BS in Public Health. I go to Temple University and have a 3.9/4.0 GPA. I currently have over five years experience working in external affairs for a large family planning non-profit and am working on two research projects with a faculty member at my school. I also do volunteer work at an animal shelter and I will have also completed two additional internships before I graduate in 3 semesters.

Unfortunately, this wasn't always the case, and I ended up with two W's and one failing semester at a different school several years ago. Because of some deaths/illnesses in my family I also had to move around a lot, resulting in more than one transfer (I went to two different community colleges).

How much does this overshadow my current success when getting into an MPH program? I feel like now I'm doing a lot of hard work but it doesn't matter because what I did in the past will just haunt me. Anyone have any experiences like mine?

Thanks in advance for your help!