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Aug 15, 2017
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So I am in a somewhat unique circumstance in that I have been accepted to WVU SoM (incoming MS1 in Fall 18) during the 2nd year of a PhD program with the intention of transferring from MD --> MD/PhD during MS2. However, after much thought and deliberation I have decided against obtaining the PhD portion of this degree for various reasons, but primarily because I have recently discovered a passion for clinical medicine which trumps that of basic science research. However, I do have a problem that I would appreciate some advice on:

Do I take this semester off (spend time with family and work) or obtain an M.S. in Biomedical Sciences?

The primary factors I am considering in regards to the M.S. are utility of the degree as I move forward into medical school, residency, etc. and funding for the degree (which will cost ~7k in tuition). I have a few publications so far, and will likely have 3-5 with one being a first author pub when all is said and done (without completing a M.S.). Would you all mind weighing in on the pros/cons of pursuing an M.S. vs taking the semester off?
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