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  1. J

    School List Help :(

    Hey everyone! I’m currently in the process of beginning to pre write secondaries but I haven’t fully finalized my school list. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! I currently have 29 schools and want to narrow it down to around 25 or so. I looked through MSAR but I know that it doesn’t always...
  2. bojack_underground

    WAMC/School List (3.7, 520, VA)

    Please do not quote this message :P
  3. F

    WAMC/School List (3.84/515/URM)

    Hello! I had two questions. This is my first application cycle, so any help is very appreciated! First, how do top Canadian universities such as U of T, McGill, UBC compare to US T30/20/10, etc? Second, please help me finalize my school list! Right now, here is what I am applying to. Schools...
  4. O

    First time applicant - taking gap year 3.88 GPA/519 MCAT

    cGPA and sGPA: 3.88/3.76 MCAT score: 519 with 128/128/131/132 State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US): NC resident - recently a permanent resident but Canadian citizen Ethnicity and/or race: Asian Indian Undergraduate institution or category: Large Public school - top 40 school...
  5. V

    WAMC - trad MI Resident w/ strong ties to OH, ORM White, First Gen Low SES, (3.3/510)

    1. cGPA - ~3.3 sGPA - 3.00-3.10 (22c Postbacc 3.3 GPA) 2. MCAT - 502 -> 126/128/123/125 MCAT scheduled for 06/14 -> Practice scores hovering around 510 range. 3. MI resident 4. White Male 5. Small, Private Catholic University 6. Clinical Experience 1000 hrs - Volunteer Nursing Home 100 hrs...
  6. L

    Help with School List

    Hello! I just got back my MCAT and I was hoping to get help tailoring my med school list. Hoping to apply this cycle with no gap year. Residence: Michigan (hoping to stay in state) Background: ORM (Muslim, South Asian Female) cGPA/MCAT: 3.64/519 -130/127/131/131 LORs/PS: LORs are from two MD...
  7. S

    RWJ (half COA) vs Hackensack (also half COA) (Help please)

    Hi everyone! I'm really torn between RWJ and Hackensack (in-state for both). Specialty interests: Emergency medicine, general surgery, or some crazy competitive specialty like plastics or ortho (don't really know yet) RWJ (about 26-30k/yr total cost): Pros: - Lower base tuition, and with my...
  8. premedbunny

    MD & DO Please help me edit my school list! Any advice appreciated!

    My background information: cGPA: 3.79 and sGPA: 3.71 MCAT: 513 with 125/128/128/132 Residency: Florida resident Ethnicity/race: Asian Undergraduate institution: University of South Florida Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer): 2100 hours total Volunteer: 100 hours at two...
  9. O

    WAMC/School List Help: 4.0 GPA, 525 MCAT, weak ECs

    Is this too top heavy given I have zero research? Which should I absolutely not apply to, and what are some good OOS friendly mid-tiers I add? Reach/Probably Unrealistic: NYU, Mayo, Northwestern, Sinai, Michigan, UVA, Baylor, UTSW, UT San Antonio, Kaiser Feasible: Emory, Brown, Einstein...
  10. N

    LECOM vs Touro vs NYITCOM vs AZCOM

    Which school has a better reputation and will open the most doors for me? (PS. I live in the northeast and probably want to do a residency here or on the west coast). Def wanna go into primary care. LECOM- Bradenton NYITCOM- LI Touro-Harlem AZCOM
  11. C

    Feedback/advice on my stats thus far

    Hi there! I am a PA resident and incoming sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. I was just wondering if I could get any feedback/advice on what I have completed so far in my journey towards veterinary school. I have always had very big dreams of becoming a...
  12. M

    should I add schools? 4.0 GPA, 517 MCAT

    I submitted my primary application June 20th (a little later than I wanted but needed the extra time), and I am assuming it will be processed in the next few weeks. I am starting to get nervous that I created an ambitious school list and am wondering if I should add some lower stat schools...
  13. H

    WAMC? thanks for all input

    How to format your WAMC thread: Suggested information to include when creating a WAMC thread are as follows: Date of submission: 06/27 Overall GPA: 3.96 Science GPA: 4.0 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 4.0 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 21AA/ 22TS/ 17RC/ 19PAT State of Residence: California...
  14. A

    School List Help: 3.98 GPA , 509 MCAT, Good ECs

    hey guys, this is my first time on Sdn and would greatly appreciate any advice building a school list For some background info: cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS: 3.98 cGPA / 4.0 sGPA current MCAT score and breakdown 509(128/123/129/129), will be retaking on May 26th *CARS was my...
  15. opabiniafan


  16. I

    WAMC / School List Help: 3.40 GPA / 512 MCAT

    Hello everyone! I am planning on applying this cycle, I would greatly appreciate any help or advice. I am unsure about my school list and would love any suggestions. Do I have a good amount of clinical experience or should I add more to round out my application? Do I need more research? cGPA...
  17. M

    Would appreciate help with school list and app review

    I am very very bad at creating school lists and accurately gauging my own app. App so far: -applying in May cGPA: 3.84 sGPA: 3.8 MCAT: 520 T10 undergrad Washington resident Majors: Computer Science with machine learning concentration and Neuroscience Research: About 5000 hours? 6...
  18. S

    MD & DO WAMC/School List help 3.88 519 ORM

    GPA: 3.88, sGPA about the same MCAT: 519, (128/132/129/130) State: Colorado, strong ties in Alabama, weaker ties in New Mexico and Ohio Ethnicity: White Private Jesuit undergrad, just finished third year of biology major Clinical experience: 100 hours lead ED volunteer since February, currently...
  19. A

    ACOM vs. LUCOM Help!

    I’ve been accepted to both schools, and I’m having trouble deciding. Please share any wisdom you may have on this topic, or about either school. Please keep advice as objective as possible, and please no hate about LUCOM being religious. I already know it is a Christian school.
  20. D

    Northcentral University Online MSW -Advice Needed

  21. HalJordann

    School list help/advice 3.93 cGPA, 3.87 sGPA, 511 MCAT, CA ORM

    Hi SDN, I am making this post with the primary intention of helping with my school list for the next cycle. Any feedback on my school list or application would be great. Thank you all in advance! Stats and Background CA, ORM, graduated from small private school in SoCal cGPA=3.93 sGPA=3.87...
  22. L

    WAMC + School List Help? (3.92/518)

    I elected to take two gap years after undergrad because I have no clinical experience and low volunteering due to COVID. I am a Canadian applicant from a top Canadian university, with strong ties to Texas (lmao) as I went to middle and high school there and my whole family lives there. My...
  23. C


  24. I

    Accepted to medical school! PLEASE help me decide where to go!

    Hello, everyone. I feel super fortunate to have gotten two acceptances to medical school this year, to the University of California Riverside, and the University of Colorado Anschutz. Since I am a southern California native, I thought going to UCR would be an easy decision if I were to get in...
  25. J

    WAMC: School list

  26. L

    Advice on Schooling for an Anesthesiologist

    Good Evening all, I am an aspiring Anesthesiologist, and am having some trouble with figuring out school. I was just advised I do not need a nursing degree to get into Medical school and can get my bachelors degree in anything. I would love some feedback on what you got your degree in or any...
  27. T

    Thoughts on PCO, MCPHS, & Midwestern (CCO)?

    Hello everyone! I've been looking through this forum and noticed that there are no interview feedback pages for MCPHS and Midwestern (CCO). I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on SALUS/PCO, MCPHS, & Midwestern (CCO). Do you think NBEO pass rates should be a the largest factor in...
  28. B

    MD Help with school list! (3.6 520)

  29. R

    School list?

  30. sleepytimes

    School List Help/ URM/ 508

    Hi there, I am looking for some guidance as I finish my school list for MDs and DOs. Any insight on schools I should remove/add to my list is much appreciated. GPA: 3.61 (BCPM 3.51) MCAT: 508 (retake from 504) Ethnicity: Mexican (green card holder), fluent in Spanish State of residence...
  31. Rolo199807

    MD Help With School List / Opinions on Chances (please advise)

    Hey guys looking for input and advice: Demographics: Cuban heritage (parents) but born in Spain. immigrated to US when 7 male parents were physicians Double major: Health Science (honors), Pre-professional Biology State of Residence: Florida Numbers: cGPA=3.97, sGPA: 3.965, MCAT: 516...
  32. 8

    School List for Nontrad-Need Help!

    A bit about me- Undergrad degree: supply chain management and marketing from a top 30 business school. Undergrad GPA: 3.57 Post-Bacc/sGPA: 3.97 (I took no sciences undergrad). MCAT: 517 (130/126/130/131) Residence: Illinois Not disadvantaged. EC's: 1,200+ hours scribing, international EMS...
  33. BonezBonezBonez

    3.72cGPA/500->504 (lol) MCAT/URM

    I just want an idea of what my school list should look like, I feel like i know a lot but i also dont think i know enough so your help would be very appreciate As stated in my title, I graduated May last year i have cGPA: 3.72, sGPA: 3.62, finished freshman year with a 3.4 GPA because of...
  34. D

    Chances/School List

    Hello SDN community! I’m a middle of the road applicant so will being complete in late August/early Sept decrease my chances in a major way? What schools should I look at? Any help is appreciated!
  35. D


  36. D

    Should I retake the MCAT? 512 (127,128,128,129) and 3.42 cGPA, 3.20 sGPA

    Hello all, I recently took the MCAT for the first time and I am wondering if I should retake it/what are my chances of getting in? I got a 512 (127,128,128,129). My cGPA is 3.42 with a strong upward trend (3.14 first year, 3.83 last year) My sGPA is 3.20 with a strong upward trend (2.7 first...
  37. N

    Another MS or Work?

    Hello! So I applied to dental schools this year. At the moment, I am on one waitlist for Nova Southeastern University's School of Dentistry. I'm trying to figure out what to do next year on the chance that I don't get into their dental school. I'm about to meet with an academic advisor from my...
  38. Taverly

    Midwestern University vs. Des Moines University

    I'm having great difficulty deciding between these two osteopathic colleges. I've seen lots of threads on this specific topic, but none of them have helped me decide. I enjoyed the interview I had at both, and I really like the area that both schools are located. For me, the most important...
  39. M

    MD Help with school list! 523 MCAT cGPA 3.78; sGPA 3.72

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to put my school list together. I feel like my MCAT and GPA don't exactly match so I'm trying to figure out if it is realistic for me to get into these top tier schools and I want to make sure my list isn't too top heavy. I'm also worried because there are some schools...
  40. I

    Med Application School list

    Hello! I am trying to put together a list of med schools to send in applications and am hoping for some advice. I am a California resident and graduated UC Berkeley. My stats: cGPA: 3.6 sGPA: 3.62 MCAT: 515 (130/129/128/128) 150+ hours of non-clinical volunteering (food distributions for low...