1. D

    What Classes Do I Have Left to Take?

    So these () are all the classes I have taken so far and maintained 3.8 GPA. I am majoring in chemistry and was wondering what I should take to have a good chance at most dental schools. I have 3 semesters left: Spring 19, Fall 19, and Spring 20. How should I spread the classes to make time for...
  2. bsneuroscience

    Ideal Time to Take Biochemistry??

    ***Please feel free to correct me on the timeline process*** I'm a senior high school trying to plan out my college/premed schedule to try to fit in all the prerequisites in 2 years (because MCAT has to be taken before junior year/early junior year + you spend the rest of the year building your...
  3. 7

    Do Lab hours count as total Semester hours?

    For example, in my University Gen Chem 1 is 3 credit hours for the lecture and 1 credit hour for the lab to make up 4 credit hours total. When I looked up a few dental school requirements, it generally said that you need 8 semester hours of inorganic chemistry, 8 semester hours org etc. and it...
  4. M

    Recovered From PTSD and Failure- Will I Matriculate?

    I'm a 22 year old pre-medical student. I've done quite a bit of volunteer work and plan to do more, and am currently a phlebotomist while pursuing a degree in the biological sciences. I'm also a certified life guard, so I've got quite a bit of work experience in that category as well. I've had...
  5. Pebble Wrestler

    M.S. versus Semester off

    Hello! So I am in a somewhat unique circumstance in that I have been accepted to WVU SoM (incoming MS1 in Fall 18) during the 2nd year of a PhD program with the intention of transferring from MD --> MD/PhD during MS2. However, after much thought and deliberation I have decided against obtaining...
  6. M

    Send in Fall Grades..?

    I recently received my final fall term grades. I updated my transcript automatically in AADSAS. Is there anything else I should do? Will schools see the change I made? Thanks
  7. N

    Withdrew one entire semester after job switch

    Hi there:) In the beginning of my fall semester (sophmore year) my job moved away. I was supporting myself fully (in a CC working 30 hours a week, paying my own rent/car/bills ect). I was able to live on (the little bit) of savings that I had but I had to take another job soon. My family...
  8. M

    Bad Semester

    I know this question gets asked alot but i've been feeling in the dumps lately. I am a senior at UConn and am having sort of a crappy semester. That may be due to many different factors but bottom line is im not doing as well as i would of wanted to. I currently have a 3.67 GPA, and well this...
  9. L

    Senior, applying this cycle, general advice needed/timeline

    Hey guys, I hope your semester is going well! I just wanted to come here an ask someone who is currently applying or has already applied to med school. What was the general timeline you followed the year you were applying? In terms of personal statement writing, asking for letters of...
  10. MPHPeaceCorps17

    How many credits per semester do you take in grad school?

    Hello, This will be my first semester in grad school. I am pursuing an MPH while participating in the Peace Corps. 6 credits will be awarded towards my MPH degree requirement. I am told I have to take between 30-33 credits the year prior to Peace Corps. And my last semester when I return I'll...
  11. Alienman52

    Do ADCOMs Look at cGPA and sGPA by Semester?

    Hi all, I just had a quick question about the ways adcoms look at GPAs. I heard from someone that if you apply early, that ADCOMs will look at GPA by semester, which is really important in my case when looking at my stats: (but if you apply later then they just look at stats as a whole) At...
  12. verdantine

    help with first semester of college

    I really didn't think my HS grades were that bad, but I'm apparently barred from taking gen chem 1 and even precalculus. so heres how my state school went and did my program for the fall semester of '16: Anthropology (forced) Remedial Chemistry w/o lab. But strangely, I still get college...
  13. V

    Taking No Sciences Class This Semester

    Hey everyone I am currently a second semester junior. I'm currently have a 3.89 cGPA and 3.94 sGPA. I have taken two science classes all my semester on top of ECs, so far have finished: Gen chem 2, orgo 1/2, biochem, genetics, neurobiology, cell biology, physics 1/2. This semester I plan on...
  14. bettth

    What should I do?!

    Hello everyone! I'm about to complete my first semester as a sophomore and it looks like I'm going to be receiving a D in my intro bio class.. On top of that my grades are really bad: I've taken 46 credits and got 5 C's so far and now 1 D. My gpa is a 2.6 and with my grades this semester...
  15. D

    What classes are you taking next semester?

    And please include if you'll be taking summer courses. List majors also, I'm curious.