Major for pharmacy school. Biochemistry or Biological Chemistry?

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Jul 29, 2016
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I am currently a chemistry major, and I'm thinking of changing my major to biochemistry or biological chemistry. I want to study pharmacy or pharmacology. It seems that Biological Chemistry is better because it includes some biology courses that are prerequisites for pharmacy. However, I found that the chemistry and biochemistry major are American Chemical Society Accreditated, but the Biological Chemistry is not. The advisor said biochemistry would be a bit more helpful when applying to graduate school or to work in a lab after graduation. Biological chemistry seems easier because I don't need to take calc 3 and physical chemistry, which will probably lower down my gpa. Which major is more suitable for me?

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My honest advice is if you are for sure going to pharmacy school don't even get a degree, just take the prereqs and save 2 years and some money. If you are going to get a degree anyways or are thinking about a PhD probably go with biochemistry.