Aug 22, 2017
Physical Therapy Student
Hi there. So I am committed to a DPT program in NYC, starting in summer 2018. I have almost a full year off, and I'm looking to make the most of it. So, does anyone have any thoughts on how I can spend my time, or what I can do to help my career in the future? If you are a physical therapist, what do you wish you could have done with that year off?

I spent last year traveling around Asia and New Zealand and I loved it, so I am trying to travel more (I also intend to pursue traveling physical therapy). I was thinking of getting my yoga certification to give myself more tools when I begin my PT practice. Are there any other certifications I should be looking into? I am open to hearing anyone's experiences or ideas. I just want to get the most out of life experience before I fully dive into my career. Thank you!
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Mad Jack

Critically Caring
5+ Year Member
Jul 27, 2013
4th Dimension
Go hoping hostels in Europe and Asia. You can work at many in exchange for room and board. Enjoy life.


7+ Year Member
Sep 5, 2012
Colorado Springs, CO
Physical Therapist
If I could go back I would work on stuff like stress management, study skills, and time management skills. I never really paid attention to that type of stuff during my undergrad and it really bit me in the 6 when PT school came around.
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