1. W

    Advisor drastically changing experiences doc?

    Hi y’all! So I am writing my experiences doc and really enjoyed a Youtube walkthrough video of what to NOT do in writing them. It encouraged me to be myself and focus on telling stories about each in a way that was actually pretty fun and engaging. HOWEVER, I sent a first draft of this to my...
  2. jdubs1984

    Cluster Headaches and Medical School, Residency, and Life as a Physician

    Hello! I'm not seeking any medical advice, but I AM seeking to hear about experiences of those with cluster headaches who are in med school, residency, or working physicians. How has it affected your education and work life? Did you struggle in school or work? Did you ever need or seek...
  3. Tiff-of-knee

    experience contact info on OptomCAS

    What happens if I don't provide the contact info of my supervisors when filling in my "experiences" page? What happens if I don't hit "Yes" for the "Release Authorization (May we contact this organization?)" question? Is it favorable to provide contact info and Release Authorization? Thank you...
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical How Important is Volunteering for Medical School Admissions?

    Volunteering is crucial for medical school applicants. Here’s why: Med schools aren’t just looking for science geeks who’ve never stepped outside the lab. They’re looking for students who will not just succeed in the classroom, but who have also had rich and varied experiences that will make...
  5. W

    Descriptions/Key Responsibilities Section

    I am finalizing my experiences section on the AADSAS application.... 1.) Is this section to merely provide what I did when volunteering/working/etc or should I be including skills I learned from these experiences and how it related to dentistry? 2.) How much is "too much" to add to this...
  6. Justduckyy

    Messed up Experiences

    I was testing to see if my experiences tab worked and accidentally submitted a random on because my internet is sucky and was glitching.... Is there anyway this can be deleted? I already submitted my application for schools so I know I can't change it but can the staff change it? ugh....
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical 6 Tips to Improve Your AMCAS Application Activities Section

    It’s almost summer, and for me that means barbecues on the deck, specifically with the company of friends. I was recently enjoying a cook-out at one friend’s home in particular, and gracious as my hosts were, I felt a bit daunted by the huge piece of steak that filled my plate, accompanied by a...
  8. S

    Question about hours for activities

  9. S

    Knitting and Crochet as AMCAS Activity

  10. Franzliszt1

    Fraternity Involvement? I think it will look good.

    Dear SDN, Thank you for taking time to read this small dilemma. I'm filling out the Work/Experiences section of the application. I had plenty of important experiences both while as a pledge and an active member of my fraternity. Especially under the category "leadership". However, I've heard...
  11. A

    Future Hours - AMCAS

    How do you record future hours? Do you: 1) list the start date and the future end date for the date range (ex. 01/2018-01/2019); and 2) record the full hours in the "Total Hours" section?
  12. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Do you think your app would get thrown in the trash for listing "Watching TV" as an activity?

    Maybe not "Most Meaningful" but just imagine. Among all the volunteering and work experience, a few paragraphs about what you learned from watching HBO.
  13. SterlingMaloryArcher

    What are your activities/experiences thus far? How long did they last and how many hours per week?

    How many have you juggled at one time? Feel free to share what makes some of them (if any) "Most Meaningful Experiences" :)
  14. SterlingMaloryArcher

    On AMCAS, is the experience contact the doctor you scribed for or your direct supervisor?

    If you scribe for only 1 provider regularly over a long period of time. Assuming they wouldn't be bothered to be contacted. Not like an ED scribe who scribes for several providers. Further: Is the organization the company that is contracted by the clinic and is named on your paycheck or is it...
  15. J

    Making the most of my year off before Physical Therapy School

    Hi there. So I am committed to a DPT program in NYC, starting in summer 2018. I have almost a full year off, and I'm looking to make the most of it. So, does anyone have any thoughts on how I can spend my time, or what I can do to help my career in the future? If you are a physical therapist...
  16. ServiceFirst

    Still unsure how to list shadowing experiences

    I've looked all over and it looks like there are lots of different and good ways to list shadowing experiences. I have listed the specialty and procedures/scope I shadowed that physician in, but I won't have additional room to list each physician's name and contact number. Is it OK that I list...
  17. whitwhit

    Being Black in Pharmacy School chronicles...

    Recently got accepted into Pharmacy School (save your critical comments for another thread, i'll read them there). My parents were born and raised in Nigeria, then came to the states for better education, so I was born and raised here (I have visited and lived in Nigeria for a fairly short...
  18. erbkeb

    AMCAS Abstract and poster presentation

    I am applying for the 2018 cycle and am listed as an author on 5 separate abstracts for an upcoming conference (June 24-29, 2017) and will be presenting a poster as well. I do not know how to go about listing these on my application since the abstracts are not necessarily published anywhere and...
  19. meowmeowmeowmeow

    Anyone willing to look over my Work/Activities section?

    I was wondering if someone would be willing to look over my work/activities. I just want to make sure I'm doing this correctly, and I'd appreciate any feedback!!
  20. meowmeowmeowmeow

    Advice on Meaningful Experiences??

  21. SashKoshOMGosh

    Should I put a special course I took for credit under the Experiences section of AACOMAS?

    I took a course on marine phycology because aside from medicine, I also am very interested in environmental science issues. I did receive credit for this course, but my transcripts obviously do not provide the full picture. I travelled to the Bahamas to do this course and actually worked out in...
  22. V

    Vet school experiences?

    Hi guys! I am a senior in high school and I knew I wanted to be a vet my entire life. I'm taking college classes to get ahead and I'm opting for a bachlor's in biology or zoology. I recently turned vegan and I found that it really conflicts with my desire to attend vet school. I am wary about...
  23. MotoMadchen

    Hobbies as Extracurricular Activities on VMCAS

    I've decided that I'll be listing some of my hobbies under extracurricular activities in Experiences. However, I'm unsure what to put under "Organization" for some entries. For example, I've taken piano lessons for many years and listed the teacher/studio I studied under. But I've also been...
  24. D

    ERAS Experiences

  25. kirby123

    How should I organize my volunteer experiences?

    Should I organize them chronologically with the soonest first? Or by significance, as in I list the experiences I want the adcoms to see first on top?
  26. H

    For experiences, is it hours completed or hours expected to complete?

    Title says it all, I have 6 on going experiences, 3 of which started in March. Do I list the # of weeks as the number I expect to complete over the next year or so, or simply the 10-12 weeks I have already completed?
  27. ArteryStudyPainting

    Simple Question Regarding Timeline

    Hello, I was "shopping" around and could not get a concise answer to my own timeline question. See below: Background: I am a molecular Biology Pre-medical who is going into their senior year (class of 2017). I have a 3.972 GPA, have completed successful research having to do with...
  28. eeeeagle!!

    Where do I stand at the more established DO schools?

    I've seen all kinds of conflicting evidence on what are competitive stats for DO schools. I am very interested in osteopathic medicine. I'm planning on applying only DO and doing it early this cycle. I just want to know how I stack up for the more established DO programs like CCOM, PCOM, etc...
  29. T

    Is volunteering as a sidewalker a good experience for my veterinary school application?

    FYI A sidewalker is a volunteer who assists the instructor during lessons and is responsible for the rider and rider only. You will be working up close and personal with our riders and helping them reach their goals throughout each of our riding sessions. This would be for therapeutic riding...
  30. T

    USMLE USMLE - Official 2016 Step 2 CK Experiences and Scores Thread

    Hello everyone! With 2016 around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to start this thread and continue the 2015 thread into the new year! Similar threads from the past have been extremely helpful to me (and I'm sure) and many others. Good luck to everyone taking Step 2 CK in 2016!
  31. M

    AMCAS Application Experience help!

    Hi guys, I went to my pre-med advisor today... and it totally wasn't helpful! They weren't able to answer some of my AMCAS experience questions so maybe someone who sees this might be able to help out :) I have one course that I took that had me interning in an emergency room for 150 hours...
  32. M

    Is there a limit to how many shadowing experiences you can list on your application?

    I have been shadowing dentists whenever I get free time for the past 6 months so I'm usually only with each dentist for about 1-2 days so I have several shadowing experiences to list (7 currently) is there a max number on the application you can list? Also is there a max number of volunteer...
  33. D

    Dating in med school?

    Haha, I haven't even taken my MCAT and I'm curious about dating in med school/residency? Is anyone still single? Any horrible experiences? Good experience? Try another flavor(ya know)? How do you balance a relationships and school/career? I need experiences from all genders, ethinicities, and...
  34. Y

    Would anyone be interested in contributing to a website?

    Would anyone here be interested in contributing to a website, meant to motivate and inspire jaded medical students? Where medical students can contribute ideas, thoughts, and motivational experiences. Do you all see a need for this?
  35. Y

    Student Organization / Association Call for Submissions from Medical Students and Residents

    Hi! If anyone is interested in submitting a piece to a platform for medical students and residents, check out www.whitecoated.com, a platform designed to inspire, educate, and empower. Submissions eligible are: > Moving pieces of inspirational medicine or pieces displaying the humanism in...
  36. B

    Looking for feedback on experiences?

    Hello all, I'm a premed student new to this site and I was just looking for some feedback on the experiences I have thus far. Would anyone mind helping me out? Thank you :) Research assistant at a children's hospital: a little over a year now, through the school year and summer (300 hours)...