1. S

    Renting Central Connecticut Housing

    Make this your New Britain mansion away from home! Perfect for rotating students and travel nurses. You will enjoy your own private bedroom and a private bathroom. Located on the second floor of this three story mansion, your bedroom includes a 55" 4K television, height adjustable desk with...
  2. G

    Travelling pharmacist - Is it worth?

    I recently moved from one saturated location to another (currently the Bay Area of CA) and am struggling to get anything other than contract work. I understand the area is oversaturated (at least by mouth that is what is said), but when I look online it seems every pharmacist position is posted...
  3. D

    Rutgers dental from NYC

    Hello! I was just wondering if there were any students who attend the Rutgers dental school and commute from NYC, I’ve always wanted to live in Manhattan so I was wondering if that would be a possibility if Rutgers was an option for me to travel to Newark! Thanks!
  4. henriettaprincipato88

    Wanted Fellow Post Residents & Medical Students Graduation Present: Visit & Climb Both Mt. Michael Everest As A Graduation Gift

    Wanted fellow recent graduates who are read to hike and bring awareness to our staffing shortages and lack of love on the front live. Looking at ways to reward myself post graduation and wanted to see if there's any other hikers and travelers here (our residency traveling doesn't count). I was...
  5. S

    Cheap flights for students?

    Hello! I am going to be moving from California to Utah for dental school, which is only a 2 hour flight. I hope to visit my parents frequently. Is there any programs that you suggest that have cheap flights for students? Thank you
  6. L

    Airplane with husky?

    Hello, I wanted to ask a question to the students living in Ross University about how they took their pets and the airlines they used. I have a 40 pound husky and if I get into veterinary school I want to know my options on how to take her. Has anyone had experience with this? Especially taking...
  7. Wayfinder

    Is this a valid reason to try to reschedule an interview?

    Hi, so I am in a little bit of a tight situation and would like you guys' opinion. I just got my first interview and I am super excited! However, my interview is out of state in a smaller city on a Wednesday. I am right now a public school teacher in a low-income district, and there are...
  8. D

    2 gap years just to travel?

    Hey everyone, I’m currently a 4th year undergraduate student who switched from pre-dental to pre-medical this past summer! I have been debating on taking 1 vs 2 gap years for a while as I have not had the chance to take the MCAT yet due to switching to pre-medical so late in the game. If I...
  9. F

    When is a good time to travel?

    Hello all, I am graduating May 2019 and am planning on applying to medical school in June 2019. During my gap year, I will be working as a scribe at a private practice and continuing to volunteer at a community health care center. Both places are very flexible with scheduling and allow me to...
  10. L

    Does my application make up for my 500 MCAT?

    Hi, I scored a 500 on my MCAT (I took the exam two months after graduating college while working full-time as I cannot afford to study full-time). I am willing to re-take the MCAT, but am curious about my chances of getting into medical school with my application as is. Major: Cellular &...
  11. LindaAccepted

    Medical Dr. Calvin Sun, ER Resident, Entrepreneur, and Adventurer [Episode 254]

    Warning: Our guest today has done so much that it’s going to be really hard to give his background succinctly, but here goes. Dr. Calvin Sun earned his bachelors in 2008 at Columbia where he held numerous leadership positions. In 2014, he graduated from SUNY Downstate College of Medicine and...
  12. Y

    To keep 5K for dental school or travel with it?

    Would you keep the 5K for school or would you use it to travel before school starts?
  13. anatomicalagb

    Traveling for interviews

    I am a Michigan resident and most of my secondaries were from school outside of Michigan, specifically California, Florida and North Carolina. I am wondering, of those of you who have received interviews, how long from when you were notified of an interview to when it was scheduled? I would...
  14. KCgophervet

    Externship Housing Options

    I remember being a 4th year and planning externships and having a difficult time finding places to stay for relatively cheap. I decided to pay it forward by offering a spare bedroom in my new place up for visiting vet students for a low price. I figured it would be nice to have a resource...
  15. thelampking

    Wilderness / Expedition Medicine

    Hey hey hey! I'm interested in wilderness medicine. Dream job: trekking up mountains while being able to practice medicine. It combines my 3 passions: medicine, fitness, and travel. Close 2nd dream job: Doctors Without Borders or another international health aid company. 3rd: FEMA (or something...
  16. ChinaCalHeartWatch

    Wanted: Global Health Students interested in Yunnan, China

    Interested in learning about the healthcare system in Rural China? Want to travel and experience new cultures? We are currently looking for students for our 2017 Winter Externship Activity from Dec.15-28th This is an exciting opportunity for premed students interested in medicine, especially...
  17. ChinaCalHeartWatch

    Healthcare Organization Global Health Opportunity in Yunnan China

    Interested in learning about the healthcare system in Rural China? Want to travel and experience new cultures? We are currently looking for students for our 2017 Winter Externship Activity from Dec.15-28th This is an exciting opportunity for premed students interested in medicine, especially...
  18. J

    Making the most of my year off before Physical Therapy School

    Hi there. So I am committed to a DPT program in NYC, starting in summer 2018. I have almost a full year off, and I'm looking to make the most of it. So, does anyone have any thoughts on how I can spend my time, or what I can do to help my career in the future? If you are a physical therapist...
  19. I

    Medical School Search Help!

    Hello everyone! I am premed as of right now but I am already looking at medical schools. I am trying to see if there are any other schools out there like St. George where the first year your studying abroad in the UK. The third and fourth years your clinical rotations are in various UK, US, and...
  20. S

    Question about Timing for 2017-2018 cycle

    Hi guys! First time poster here and new to the SDN community! I have a quick question about application timing... I'm planning on submitting my primary in June, I already have LORs, personal statement, and MCAT scores ready. I'm working on my W+As section now... I'm already starting to feel the...
  21. D

    International Year for Surgeons?

    I was wondering if anyone had suggestions or experience with international medicine?
  22. J

    Best Travel Agency in America For Chianes people

    Which Travel Agency is best in America For Chinese People?
  23. J

    traveling vet surgeon?

    Hi everyone! :clap: I am a vet graduated 2 years ago, and had 1.5 year of experience in a SA hospital. I love travelling and surgeries, and had a (unrealistic) dream of doing both of them together, for example, a relief /locum vet that work 3 months in a place, and travel from country to...
  24. J

    Travel Plans/Advice for Accepted Students

    Hi guys, got inspired by @ChrisMack390 's post about plans prior to matriculating in a few months. I am looking to travel before going to school. I quit my full time job and have a few thousand dollars saved up for travel. I have never left the country before and I have been trying to google...
  25. eponyne321

    Seeking Psychology Doctorate Students for Survey on Cultural Competence

    Dear Colleagues, My name is Sarah Hatcher and I am a third year Counseling Psychology Doctoral Candidate at the University of Memphis. I am seeking participants for my dissertation, which is under the supervision of Dr. Elin Ovrebo. The purpose of the study is to explore factors related to...
  26. A

    Join for Significant Other's Fellowship Interview Travel?

    My SO has been going to interviews in other cities and it just dawned on me that I was not invited to tag along on any of the trips. This really wouldn't be a big deal if we hadn't sat down and discussed the best options for where we, together, would be moving. I would never want to impede on...
  27. Carso93

    Help me for a Clinical Elective

    Hi guys :laugh: I would ask you some advices about hospitals in which I could apply for a Clinical Elective in the next summer. - Geographic area: America, Australia, UK - I have only an IELTS with the score of 6 - Preferred specialty: Cardiology - 4 weeks Actually, I have found something in...
  28. CompHealth

    What is a Locum Tenen?

    "To hold place of" is the Latin meaning of locum tenens, which is exactly what locums physicians do-- hold the space of someone else during a temporary absence or time of turnover. Traveling physicians have been around since 1850, when physicians would travel across the North American frontier...
  29. O

    Adding world travel to PTCAS application?

    I spent close to 2 years traveling the world before deciding to change careers and pursue physical therapy. Should I add this to the extracurricular section? It wasnt a service trip, I just wanted to see the world we live in. Thanks!
  30. confidentandgood

    Taking a break after dental school?

  31. C

    Volunteering in Africa?

    Hi guys! My name is Christina and I'm an 18-year-old girl who would like to volunteer for a hospital placement in Africa for about 2 weeks. I am looking for a friend to volunteer with me, because my parents are not letting me go alone, and I need their financial support for the trip. The country...
  32. J

    Was "wasting your 20's" worth it?

    This is a honest question that I think about late at night sometimes and maybe you guys could help to ease my mind. I'm someone who loves to travel, originally I was an engineering/finance major and I always fantasized of having that dream job that allowed me to just do it all; travel, have a...
  33. F

    Research Opportunities Abroad Summer after M1

    So it's "strongly recommended" that you do research or something medical related during your last summer in medical school after your M1 year. I really want to travel abroad, and was hoping to scratch my wanderlust (sorry for using this really cliche word btw) itch and beef up my CV at the same...
  34. T

    Travelling AND getting medical experience?

    I am wondering if you are aware of any volunteer or paid programs that allow you to travel outside the US and gain experience working in a healthcare setting. (Some background if you are wondering): This question comes as I am about to graduate undergrad and have never had the opportunity to...
  35. wanderlustpt

    Traveling Physical Therapists (Outpatient)

    Hi all, Many of the traveling threads on this site are outdated so I wanted to start a new one. I’m a DPT with 1 year experience. I work in an outpatient, ortho setting and I make just under 65k. Salary wise, I that’s right on the mark for the location that I live in. I’m looking to boost...
  36. Bermie

    Airports are very inexpensive Hotels

    Sleeping in airports isn't just for lay-overs. If you have to stay the night before an interview, I don't suggest sleeping in an airport. However, if you wrap up your interview and have a flight the following morning, you can usually sleep in an airport. I saved at least $100 and got four...
  37. O

    Save $, hotel share

    Thought to start this thread, if belatedly in this ongoing interview cycle. Format: - location, date, gender - Tulane, 11/18 night, female