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  2. SaraiMichelle

    MCAT Study 2015 TBR/ TPR/ EC and NS

    Hi All! Im preparing to study for the mcat this summer. I'm going to do an independent study following Snd study plan or MCATjelly. If you have the books for these in a set please let me know. Im looking to but some books for cheap. I would prefer there to be no writing. I will except pencil...
  3. D

    Fatty acid oxidation of an odd number

    If we had a 17 carbon fatty acid we would get 8 acetyl coa that would follow 7 rounds of beta oxidation + 1 propionyl coa Each round of oxidation yields 1 NADH and 1FADH2 (4ATP/round) => 4*7 rounds = 28ATP Activation -2 ATP 8 acetylcoa => 8 rounds of TCA and each round = 10 ATP so => 80 ATP...
  4. D

    2,3 BPG and lung oxygen saturation

    Hi! I had two questions: 1- 2,3 BPG allosterically binds to Hemoglobin changing it to its T state so it has lower affinity for oxygen. I am confused on how the percent saturation of oxygen in the lungs is still able to reach 100% if Hb cannot bind to oxygen as readily? 2- Since fetal...
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    - How come glut2 is said to be insulin independent if it senses the release of insulin to store glut2 in hepatocytes? - I understand that glut4 has a Km similar to the concentration of glucose so it gets saturated fast but how come glucose influx can still occur if the glut4 receptors are...
  6. D


    Why is it that dipeptides and tripeptides can be absorbed in the intestinal wall but disaccharides have to be broken down to monosaccharides to be absorbed? Thank you!
  7. D

    Pulmonary surfactant and lung collapse

    I had a question on pulmonary collapse and surfactants I know that surfactants reduce the surface tension of the alveoli fluid because by adding the surfactant the hydrophilic molecules are able to move away underneath this surfactant if we apply a force and therefore they aren't that resistant...
  8. D

    Nodes of Ranvier

    I am trying to understand why the myelin sheaths would make a difference in conduction - I know that the axon is long so since L is proportional to resistance then the electrical current will dissipate in long distances - If we add myelin sheaths the Area will increase so the resistance will...
  9. D

    MCAT I am behind

    I have been studying for the MCAT and taking 18 units at the same time. So far, I have finished chemistry content review and still have 3 chapter of physics TBR. I haven't done bio or biochem or psych and my MCAT is on March 31st. What should I do ? I am completely screwed? I can't reschedule...
  10. D

    TBR forces and torque

    The question asks: "If a person starts at the rim of a spinning platform and is pushed radially toward the central axis by a moving exterior wall, then what happens to the normal force felt by that person due to the wall?" Answer is: "It decreases, since r decreases" I used a= v^2/r but TBR...
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    A laboratory pan balance is shown In general when calculating the mass of the pan neglecting the mass of the rod: A- is possible if the fulcrum is placed at the center of mass of the whole balance B- is possible if the center of mass of the rod is the pivot point C- is not possible D- is...
  12. D

    Shape and aerodynamic

    Assuming all factors affecting wind resistance to be equal except shape which of the following shapes would generate the greatest terminal velocity in the experiment a- a water droplet b- a sphere c- a cylinder d- a cube answer is A and the answer says that during free fall a liquid will...
  13. D

    wind resistance and x displacement

    This is a question from TBR translational motion Phase II If all 4 objects were launched from a cannon mounted at a 45 degree angle what would be observed? I. Object I would have the greatest range II. Object IV would have the lowest velocity upon impact of the ground III. The object...
  14. D

    Magnetic field TBR

    An electron enters an uniform magnetic field and travels at right angles to the field in a circular path. As the particle moves the magnetic field A- does not change the velocity of the electron B- slows the electron down C- speeds the electron up D- does not changed the speed of the electron...
  15. D

    Electrostatics TBR

    It's a cathode ray tube - It's the Electrostatics chapter, passage X, Q.65 (P 149). On occasion, the electrons are made to pass through the plates undeflected. If the electrons enter the region between the plates with the same direction, but with excessive velocity: A) they will be deflected...
  16. D

    Voltage, Electric field, Electric force

    If the voltage across the plates were reversed what would happen to the oil drops between the plates from the Millikan oil droplet experiment? A- They would accelerate upward B- They would accelerate downward C- They would move with constant velocity upward D- They would move with constant...
  17. chemdoctor

    Advice for Medical School? Freshman?

    Hello. I am a freshman right now. I have joined several clubs, etc. Was wondering what other kind of stuff I should do? I posted a thread similar to this a couple months ago and I got a couple A-s and ONE B+ -_- I know this doesn't kill my chances and I'm doing really well right now. I am...
  18. D

    Mass spectrometer radius curvature

    How come a particle with larger mass has a greater radius of curvature? I know that the equation shows that r= mv/qB so if m increases r increases but if a particle is heavier it deflects less so shouldn't the radius of curvature be smaller? Thanks!
  19. D

    Electrostatics TBR

    The dielectric constant K of an unknown material is measured as a function of temperature. What can explain the sharp rise and subsequent slow decay of K as the temperature increases? Graph is K vs T : it has a sharp increase at T1 and then starts to decrease A- The solid material melts at T1...
  20. D

    TBR light that hits an interface in a perpendicular fashion

    We are given a figure of a half-cylinder with a point a at the top of the half cylinder. Light is transmitted through a half cylinder and the beam was allowed to strike a semi-circular screen. Question asks : Light that initiates from point a in the figure: A- will always strike the middle of...
  21. D

    Geometric Optics question TBR

    Which of the following statements are true about the index of refraction of a substance? I- it is inversely proportional to the speed of light in the substance II- it depends on the properties of the substance III- it depends on the radius of curvature of the substance IV- It can have a value...
  22. D

    Higher wavelength penetrate the tissue better why?

    Why does a higher wavelength penetrate a tissue below the skin better? Why wouldn't it be a lower wavelength => higher energy that penetrates a tissue better? Thanks!
  23. D

    Diffraction Interference

    I had some questions on this topic: 1- Is diffraction the same as interference? 2- why does the slit size have to be comparable or smaller than the wavelength? and is it the case for single slit and double slit? Thanks a lot!
  24. D

    TBR sound phase I passage 1

    Passage says " The 4 strings of a violin all have the same length of roughly 12 inches. in an experiment students studied the 4 strings of an old violin and the four strings produced these frequencies string I : 196 Hz string II: 294Hz string III: 440 Hz string IV: 659 Hz The question asks "...
  25. D

    Shock waves Physics sound

    I am studying from TBR and I'm not sure I understand what the shock wave is. I know that shock waves occur when vobject > vsound but I don't understand what's happening to the pressure why is it increasing and then decreasing? Thanks!
  26. D

    TBR physics electricity circuits Phase II passage III

    Hi can someone help me with this question please! It's a passage but I will type out the part that we need: they gave us a circuit with a power supply- a resistor R1 and a capacitor with a solution of cell suspended in a solution known as a dielectric constant: they are talking about...
  27. JaxMD2be

    Leah4Sci - Has anyone used her MCAT prep program?

    Hi, I am looking for reviews or references for the program run by Leah at Leah4Sci.com. She gives a TON of free resources that I find very helpful as she has a way of breaking down topics that is clear and easy to follow. I took the MCAT this past October and scored below average :( In...
  28. M

    For Sale TBR Complete Set (2016) & TPRH Verbal Workbook

    Update: Items no longer available. Created a new post to address issues that some of you had w/ my previous one. For sale: The Berkeley Review Complete Set, 2016 ed. Psychology Chemistry I Chemistry II Biology I Biology II Organic Chemistry I Organic Chemistry II Physics I Physics II Verbal...
  29. S

    MCAT Books for sale - all companies

    EK MCAT Practice Tests Books 2016 version. 85 for whole bundle not including shipping. Also have Sterling, Next Step, & The Princeton Review.
  30. The People's Tutor

    Free MCAT Sociology Lecture Series on Youtube

    Check out this new free MCAT Sociology Lecture Series on Youtube. New videos will be posted on a regular basis!
  31. The People's Tutor

    Free MCAT Sociology Lecture Series on Youtube

    Check out this new free MCAT Sociology Lecture Series on Youtube. New videos will be posted on a regular basis!
  32. M

    Advice for Pre-med that might be rushing?

    Hello everyone, So Im currently in my first week Senior year at University. Before starting this semester I had plans on taking 15 credits this fall, allowing me to have enough time (20hr/week) to study for the MCAT. Now looking at my syllabus for my 4 courses (+one internship and 2 part time...
  33. God's_Child

    How I went from a 488 diagnostic to a 509

    1) Composite score: 509 (82nd percentile) PS: 127 CARS: 127 BS: 128 Psych: 127 2) Practice Test: I took Kaplan FL exams and the official AAMC scored. I took the exam twice, once in January and once in May. I was hoping to hit it on the first shot but I fell into pitfalls the 1st time around...
  34. J

    Kaplan Full Length Score Dropped

    Hey Guys, So I was hoping to get some other opinions on this because I'm feeling overwhelmed at this point. I took my kaplan tests all out of whack for who knows why, but anyway here they are in this order: Diag 496 FL-2 502 FL-3 505 FL-5 506 FL-1 496 Pretty crazy how I can drop 10 points...
  35. Harrybean

    Next Step CARS Strategy and Practice vs. real test

    Hello! So I am near finishing the CARS S&P book and towards the end of the book, and I've been scoring consistently around 70% on the last 7 passages (which is a huge boost from what I was scoring in the beginning of the book) I was wondering what difficulty level for the passages in CARS...
  36. J

    Readings or the MCAT

    Hey guys! I'm kind of new to posting on studentdoctor but I was hoping to gain some insight. I was wondering what journals/ books you guys have found to help with speed/ efficiency of reading. I am using Kaplan and have seen significant improvements in my scores over the past few weeks, however...
  37. Y

    sGPA: 3.34, cGPA: 3.5, MCAT: 502 (127/121/127/127)

    Thank you!
  38. S

    What are my Chances?????

    I'm 25 years old, white male, Born in U.S Year in school: Graduated December 2013 Country/state of residence: Currently SC moving to PA/NY for new job hopefully (establish residency) Major: BS Biochemistry, BA Economics Schools to which you are applying: Weill Medical( Reach) University of...
  39. F

    Free MCAT Resources

    Hi SDNers, I am working on a site to compile all the free MCAT material I can find so students can have a place to go if they cannot afford a commercial MCAT class. The site is in beta testing right now and I come to you all for advice and testing! Please give the site a look through...
  40. N

    What do you think?

    I recently took the MCAT and have yet to receive my score. However, this was my third attempt and I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself post exam and I begin to think of questions that I got wrong. My first MCAT was on the old version, which I scored a 22. I did very little prep and...