math questions on pcat...?

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Aug 9, 2005
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so far i only have the peterson's book and i'm doing the math part.

however, i have noticed that there are many questions with difficult divisions (when you do them without a calculator).

well, if not difficult, certinly time consuming....

i was wondering (for those ppl who took it already), are there alot of math questions on the pcat where you have to devide the numbers using long division (things you cant do in your head easily)??

i'm pretty good with the mental math but some of them are a bit more difficult, thus must be done on paper.

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if you want good prep for the math section, i advise you get a gre math book and do those questions without a calculator. don't worry about the calc it's relatively easy.
My PCAT version (10/04) had a very time consuming math section. I finished about 1/2 of the questions when time was down to like 10 minutes. In the last 5 min. I had to christmas tree the rest. I got a 65% (my lowest) in Quantitative. I was NOT prepared for the calculus. It is difficult to remember now what those questions really were. At the time it all looked so foreign that I couldn't even come out of it and reiterate what it was I saw. I specifically remember one question that talked about a cube with a cylinder of certain dimensions cut out of the center. You had to find the area. Not hard if you know the formulas but time consuming none the less. There were some questions with variables of j,k,l,i and had something to do with vectors; I had no clue what class that was from. Pre-Cal, Cal? Who knows!
Do not study by using these outdated books that have you adding fractions or doing proportions. Maybe a couple of questions were that easy. There were some statistics questions ("there are 12 red socks, 11 blue socks and 6 green socks... what is the prob. that you will choose a red sock if you choose 1 from the drawer blindfolded" or something crazy like that!)
Good luck to everyone in October! I'll be right there with ya!
I don't remember even once during the pcat wishing I had a calculator, everything was a multiple of an easy number to divide so there was nothing tricky.