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Oct 23, 2017
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So I realize I have less than three months to prepare for the MCAT this fall, but I'm hoping that with hard work this summer I'm able to get a good score. I'm a Biology major, but it's been almost a year since I took a relevant biology course (I've been taking ecology and environmental the past year). However, I did well enough in Biology and Physics. Chem and OChem are definitely my weakest points. I need to work on biochem more as well. So far here's what I have for study materials:

Biology: EK 10th edition
Physics: EK 10th edition
Chemistry: Trying to get my hands on either a used, pre2015 TBR or a used post 2015 TBR.
Psych/Soc: Was planning on studying primarily with the Anki flashcards everyone talks about.
CARS: EK 10th edition
Biochem: Kaplan
I also found the KA 100 pg and 300 pg notes, but I'm not sure what's the best things to take away from them.

My only issue is I'm not sure if I need to get another prep book for Orgo. I know it's the smallest portion of the exam but I don't want to neglect it either. I've been told the Kaplan Quick Sheets for Orgo is all you really need, but is that really true? Also, should I be fine with just the Anki flashcards for Psych/Soc? Advice is appreciated, thanks!

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