MCAT study plan as a nontrad - which is more ideal?


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May 27, 2020
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My question is about balancing school work and extracurricular activities (which may include employment) while studying. I've provided two possible plans that I'm considering below. Which is more ideal? Also wondering if any of you can provide studying tips as I map out my plan?

Plan A is to complete a majority of my coursework this fall. I am a senior and my remaining degree requirements are all in the natural and physical sciences, so I'd likely have no time for anything else if I want to maintain my grades. This plan would allow me to begin MCAT studying in December, and increase my extracurricular activities then too.

Plan B would involve splitting my credit load in half (being a part-time student) and spreading them evenly throughout the fall and spring. This allows me time to focus on extracurriculars sooner, and begin studying for the MCAT as soon as next month.

Edit: I am currently planning for a August/September 2021 test date.
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