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Jan 11, 2012
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So I am currently signed up for the May 31st test date. And I am thinking about switching to the May 12th date, and I need advice on this switch.

As far as background, I have just finished the TPRH prep course and I have A's in all my prereqs, so I have a fairly strong grasp on the science material on the MCAT. Also as far as practice tests, three weeks ago I took AAMC #10 and got a 10P/12V/13B, and I got a 10P/9V/10B from AAMC #4, which I took before I started content review, and before Phys II and OChem II.

The reasons that I want to switch are that with the new date, I would get my score returned sooner, which would get me complete on my application sooner as well. Also my school won't write my committee letter until it gets my MCAT score, so this would speed the letter writing process up as well. And in general I feel prepared at this point, so I am somewhat ready to get the test over with.

The only advantage of not switching is that obviously I will have another 3 weeks to practice. With one of those weeks being Spring finals, and the last 8 days before the May 31st date being nothing but mcat studying.

So my question is whether it is worth it to switch? Advice please!


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Jun 14, 2011
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Yes, I would switch if you can, especially considering the committee letter won't be written until your MCAT is in.
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