MD MBA (top4 program) offering counseling services

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Aug 27, 2017
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Hello everyone!

SDN has helped me a lot in the past. I am offering a reduced flat rate for SDN members compared to what I normally offer for private counseling. A few facts about me:

Undergraduate: #1 Public Uni. (Engineering; Economics)
Work experience:
- 2 years at a top Technology Consulting Firm. (Worked on large emerging technology deals)
- 1 banking internship
- 1 seed fund internship
- MD program: Top 50 (Joined after consulting)
- One of the following top 4 MBA programs: Harvard/Stanford/Wharton/Chicago
Test Scores:
GMAT: 99%; LSAT: 99%

I can help with timeline planning, how to study, what a long term career trajectory can look like, resume editing, PS/CL writing, if the MBA is right for you, anything else.

For confirmation, I can link you to my linkedin account if/when you are interested. I would be happy to offer a free 15 min. session where I go over anything you want.

My fee for SDN members will be $45/hr which is a substantial decrease from my private counseling fee (~ > $80/hr). I am only taking a few SDN clients per month.

Please message me if you desire any more information. Thanks everyone!

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