1. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS 2023-2024 OTCAS Applicants! Where are you headed?

    I'd love to start a thread to see what school everyone has decided on! I haven't made a final decision yet but I will choose between WashU and Columbia in the coming weeks :)
  2. P

    Lecom vs Creighton Distance Programs

    Hi, I got accepted to both and still unsure where to attend. Does anyone know the exact cost difference between the two programs and experience with the in-person commitments? Also, does anyone know the orientation date(s) for LECOM this year for the distance program? And please no negative...
  3. S

    BS vs BA in Biology

    Hi All, I am a rising Junior and I need to decide whether I want to do a BA or BS in biology soon. My main problem with doing a BS in Biology is that it requires too many Science electives and this might lower my GPA. If I do a BA I can take other easier non science electives and pad my GPA...
  4. dynamo72

    WAMC (26AA 3.8 GPA) need help with school list

    Date of submission: aiming July 1st Overall GPA: 3.79 Science GPA: 3.76 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.75 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 23 PAT, 24 RC, 27 BIO, 26 GC, 30 OC, 28 TS, 26 AA State of Residence: California Undergrad Attended: University of California, Davis Major: Economics (BA...
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  6. T

    Can an Other Than Honorable discharge affect admissions into medical schools?

    As the question suggests, I believe I have an Other Than Honorable discharge under AWOL although I havent recieved any papers yet. To keep this short, I incurred a large amount of debt towards the end of my first enlistment with the Guard. Fast forward into the start of my second enlistment at...
  7. BoctorBro

    SCOTUS decision hypothetical

    Since the Supreme Court will likely rule in favor striking down race based admissions, how would med schools be able to use diversity essays? If a student were to voluntarily mention their background as a minority, would med schools still be able to take that into consideration despite not being...
  8. H

    Should I take 1 quarter or 2 quarters of biochemistry?

    My school (UG) offers a 1 quarter biochem course which isn't as hard as the 2 quarter series biochem. I'm not confident in my ability to get an A in the series offering. The thing is, some dental schools ask for just 4 credits (1 quarter), while some ask for "Half-year". I don't know if 1...
  9. a_zed24


  10. F

    General Admissions & OTCAS Should I be worried?

    Hey all! I’m applying to a mix of OTD and MSOT programs in the Philadelphia area…. So far I have heard back from most programs to say that my application was under review (Stockton, Jefferson, Widener, Salus), who all emailed me around the week of 11/18 to tell me my application was under review...
  11. I

    Interviews and Classes/Work

    I'm just curious. Let's say you are taking a full-time schedule for fall quarter/semester, how do you setup interviews with schools? Let's say your interview day or days fall on days you have exams, how would that work? I know that there are a lot of professors that would not let students change...
  12. S

    I graduated with a Biology degree and now wish to be a Clinical Psychologist?

    For a while, I wanted to go to med school or PA school, but over the past year, I decided it wasn't for me. I didn't do research in undergrad, as the only research that ever interested me was psychology-based, and the more experienced psych students often took those. I did an independent study...
  13. H

    University of Saint Augustine MOT Spring 2022

    Hello, has anyone gotten accepted to the University of Saint Augustine MOT 2023 Spring in Austin
  14. NeuroPsychosis

    PhD/PsyD Loma Linda University Clinical Psychology

    Hello, I wanted to bring this discussion back about this school just to keep up with updates if anything has changed since mid-2000s about the strength of this program. I was looking over their PhD program (also their PsyD) to gain a perspective of whether this program is successful in...
  15. H

    Consider Reapplying or Go To Only Acceptance?

    Stats: 21 AA, 21 TS, 19 PAT, 3.93 sGPA, 3.97 GPA I applied to 7 schools, interviewed at 3, and was accepted to 1 school this cycle. That school is the super expensive one that you all know what I'm talking about and I know I'm not the first person to be in this position of only getting into...
  16. S

    General Admissions & OTCAS UW OT - Seattle '22 Admission

    Hello! I'm hoping I have found some fellow applicants that are just as anxious as I am! I was notified that I had been put on the waitlist for the UW - Seattle incoming 2022 OT class. In the email, it said waitlist alternates would be informed as spots opened after March 28th. They expect to...
  17. A

    Stole from University bookstore and received an IA, what are my chances of admission?

    During my Sophomore year 2019, in lapse of judgment based on a dare, l regrettably stole a jacket from my university bookstore and was caught. I didn't even like the jacket. It was less than $100, so I received a non-academic theft IA as I was protected by the university (as opposed to legal...
  18. C

    Pacific University DPT waitlist 2022

    Hi everyone, I interviewed with Pacific University (Oregon) about a month ago and was recently told I’m on the 1st tier waitlist. I am wondering if anyone knows how the tiers work (how many people are in the tiers etc). Also, does anyone know when the deposit is due for accepted students?
  19. Sage of Pale Bones

    Does it look bad to send both a letter of interest and letter of intent to the same school?

    So my story is like this. School A interviews me and offers me a position on the waitlist in October 2021, I graciously accept and shortly after send them a letter of interest. Time passes by and I hear back from other schools. At this time, School A is my first choice and I want to let them...
  20. H

    Alcohol IA Help

    Recently, I received an IA for being intoxicated and walking into the wrong room on my residence hall floor. I was given disciplinary probation for 2 months. Although I am a freshman currently, I know I will have to report this on medical school applications. I just wanted to know how badly this...
  21. nccam098

    Pharmacy Interviews 2021

    Hi everyone, I applied for pharmacy school early decision and got interviewed by Roseman virtually, on November 9th and got invited to interview at Pacific U on December 10th on zoom, as well. Applied to WSU, but they're still reviewing my application because i'm missing one class, got a...
  22. L

    Forgot prerequisite coursework in secondaries

    I forgot to completely write all the prerequisite coursework I have taken for biology, chemistry and physics etc. in the secondaries "pre-requisitions" requirement. The courses can be found in my AMCAS transcripts, but should I email admissions to let them know which course number they are to...
  23. europ321123

    Help! Can’t decide

    Hi! I received presidential scholarship offers from both college’s: Lewis and Clark(Oregon) and Albright College (PA). I can’t decide. Albright website said that they have affiliation with some hospitals, shadowing etc, at the same time Lewis and Clark have no such information on their website...
  24. mlroper

    Using Music as experiences?

    Hello all, I was hoping for some advice. I’m applying for my first cycle this year for veterinary schools and have been struggling with my “experiences” section. I’ve always wanted to be a vet, but in high school I was very into music performance and was in every ensemble group you can imagine...
  25. A

    Help with dental admission please :(

    Good evening everyone. Canadian here who is gonna be mass applying to US dental schools. So basically my situation is that i really messed up my first year due to severe illness (Depression + IBD) and personal problems. Gpa first year = 1.30 but then that summer i overcame all that and got...
  26. J

    Getting letters of recommendation early before applying

    I will be applying in August this year for 2022 admission and was curious as to if I could obtain my letters of recommendation sometime soon and keep them on hand until applying. I’ve read that some schools use interfolio while others have stated that emailing in the letters is fine. Obviously...
  27. O

    Three Gap Years - Disadvantage?

    Hello! I’m worried about taking 3 gap years instead of the 2 gap years that I planned on. I already finished my first gap year. I have an ok GPA (3.8), great ECs, great research, poor clinical hours (40 hrs), and I have not taken the MCAT yet. It’s scheduled for this June, but I will most...
  28. M

    To tell or not to tell, please tell me your opinion

    TL;DR: I'm an undergrad student (BS Psych): Should I send my Dr.'s note about my full-blown outbreak from mental illness and was being treated to my research faculty sponsor who is also a Dean/ Director of admission of the program I wanted to get into. It was 2 weeks of being MIA and a research...
  29. O

    Help comparing two psych MA/PhD programs!!

  30. ninam2000

    School List HELP! (4.0/514) / WAMC

    Hi! I am having trouble making a school list for this upcoming cycle. I know my stats are too low for T20s, but I may want to apply to a few. Do people have any suggestions on what I can do to improve my app. Should I retake MCAT? Should I apply next year? GPA: 4.0 (from IVY LEAGUE) MCAT: 514...
  31. S

    I applied to the epidemiology, health policy, and behavior and community health departments at UPitt.

    And I think I screwed up. In retrospect, multiple applications show real lack of though. However, my work in global health and international development did fit broadly within all three departments. I got rejected from Epi and Health Policy last week. Now I am worried I might get rejected from...
  32. H

    Preparing for the worst. DPT 2021-2022

    Hello everyone, As of now I have been: Waitlisted to one program Waitlisted for interview at another and the rest I haven't heard back from So just in case I want to prepare for the next cycle. So please give me honest opinions on what I can do to improve my application. cGPA: 3.5 pGPA: 3.6...
  33. D

    Berkeley Optometry Admissions Question

    Hello! I applied to UC Berkeley's Optometry Program and I have a few questions: -I completed my application prior to the November 30 deadline. Thus, my interview notification date is January 4. Does this mean that is when the committee will make a decision to give me an interview or will...
  34. Perchperkins

    I got a 3.0 this semester with an overall GPA of 3.63, what are my chances?

    Hey guys, I posted a few days ago about how my grades went down. My first semester was a 3.77, my second a 3.89 and now my third was a 3.0. It was a huge drop - thanks calculus. I had a lot going on with work, COVID and online classes. The good news is that I got an A is orgo, the bad news is...
  35. Alessandra20

    Pharmacy school advice!

    Hello :) I’m currently a junior at my university pursuing pharmacy hopefully and i’ve been really stressed. My two schools i am aiming for have removed the obligation for a PCAT score for 2021 applicants (Wayne State University and University of Michigan) i have a 3.5 gpa score as of right now...
  36. H

    Western University DPT class of 2024 - Pomona

    Hey guy! I wanted to create a space where we can help each other share info about the school, the admission process, and anything about the program. I haven't heard anything back from admissions yet. Please share your experiences as well.
  37. H

    California State University, Northridge DPT class of 2024

    Hey guy! I wanted to create a space where we can help each other share info about the school, the admission process, and anything about the program. I haven't heard anything back from admissions yet. Please share your experiences as well.
  38. H

    Pacific University DPT class of 2024

    Hey guy! I wanted to create a space where we can help each other share info about the school, the admission process, and anything about the program. I haven't heard anything back from admissions yet. Please share your experiences as well.
  39. H

    Chapman University DPT class of 2024 (summer)

    Hey guy! I wanted to create a space where we can help each other share info about the school, the admission process, and anything about the program. I haven't heard anything back from admissions yet. Please share your experiences as well.
  40. H

    California State University Long Beach DPT Class of 2024

    Hey guy! I wanted to create a space where we can help each other share info about the school, the admission process, and anything about the program. I submitted both applications and I am just patiently waiting for an email from the school. Please share your experiences as well.