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Sep 25, 2011
Hi everyone! I'm a current med-peds applicant with a strong interest in global health. I've been doing some "research" on the global health offerings at different med-peds programs, but all I've done so far is browse a bunch of program websites, and I'm sure there's way more information out there in people's brains. (Also, I figured I would share the research I've done so far, in case anyone else is interested.) If anyone has (a) any further insight into the programs I've listed below, or (b) info about programs I didn't list, please reply! I think AMSA used to keep a good list of this stuff ( but there's nothing specific to med-peds and I think their list is a little out-of-date.

Thanks, friends!

--PEDS- 1 year abroad, very immersive
--Med-Peds allowed max of 2 electives abroad

Brigham / Boston Children's
--Global Health Equity Residency (open to Med and med-peds): extra year, 11 months total abroad, includes MPH, Partners In Health sites

--BRIGHT track with lectures, electives abroad (unknown #), and scholarly project

--MED abroad electives

--Pathway: +1 year for MSc, with emphasis on research; fully funded
--Elective: 2-3 months at one of 10 sites

--Track (joint with Med): curriculum, 2 months abroad
--PEDS also has a track that looks similar

--Electives: guaranteed funding for 1 elective abroad, option to do more
--PEDS "Longitudinal elective in GH": lectures, electives abroad
--MED “Global Residency Program” - extra year, 10 months abroad total

--Med-Peds specific GH tracks, including 3 international electives, one that includes classes at School of Public Health

--MED options for abroad electives Program/internationalrotations.html
--PEDS abroad electives + curriculum

--GH Scholars program: lectures, 1 abroad elective, scholarly project (not sure if M-P?), Bolivia, Tz)

--MED global health & underserved track: lectures, 1-month prep course, 4 months abroad, scholarly project

U Chicago
--MED GH track: lectures, abroad elective(s), scholarly project (open to M-P?)

U Penn
--Global Health Equity Track: 1-month course, seminars, 2 months abroad (limited sites - Bots, DR, IHS), scholarly project

--Elective in Malawi open to M-P
--MED GH Pathway: lectures, scholarly project, abroad elective (Malawi or Peru)

--PEDS electives and research
--MED Moz elective (noted on M-P site)

--Scholars program = funding, “concentration” = 2 months abroad, scholarly project, and journal clubs/etc.

No information available?

--PEDS Certificate: (open to M-P!) curriculum/lectures + electives
--MED electives
--Abroad electives noted on M-P list

--No structured M-P program, but website suggesting 2 months abroad is possible
--Both Med and Peds have structured GH track with didactics and abroad electives

--PEDS global health track - electives abroad?
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Nov 20, 2007
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Ditto for Cinci!

You have to apply to the peds global health track, but if accepted you get to go through global health "boot camp" during PGY-1 or PGY-2 year (with clinic either in Appalacia or on reservation in New Mexico), and you get up to three months of (funded) international aways. The biggest established site right now is in Malawi, but you can go pretty much anywhere you want if you can find a US board-certified physician to precept you. There is also a weekly global health series, and plenty of social events for global health people on the peds side!

You should really also look at Minnesota. I would argue that they have the strongest global health program of any Med-Peds program in the country. They have a global health chief resident each year who essentially spends half a year abroad. Also the only program I know where residents could go essentially anywhere they wanted (including Ebola zones during the outbreak).

Indiana also has a few strong sites (especially Kenya) although the rotation was closed down for awhile last year due to safety concerns. The particular physician in charge used to be at Minnesota, and multiple residents at both Minn and Indy noted that they chose their programs at least in part because of that mentor.

Of the other programs you listed, I'll speak to what I can:
-I was kind of underwhelmed by Vandy's global health program, although it did seem flexible (multiple residents described it as not really having a global health track so much as having enough name recognition to hop into global health rotations organized by other institutions).
-Miami's global health focus is very new, but they actually have a global health journal club where a resident abroad presents cases from an international site at noon report, which was VERY novel and interesting. Plus, if you like global health, their PD is pretty much an ideal mentor.
-UCSD's program is also very strong, especially if you want to go to Mozambique. I especially like that it's actually a resident exchange where international residents also have the chance to rotate in the US.
-As of last year, Colorado's global health track didn't really exist yet. We were told that we could probably jump on board with the medicine track, but it was far from certain.
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May 11, 2012
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Just a couple quick additions, though from your list you are looking at the higher profile academic programs. Christiana and Baystate, both of which tend to be a little more community (though well respected within med peds) have strong global health tracks.
Oct 5, 2017
For this year, it sounds like Indiana really beefed back up the Kenya experience. They talked a lot about it and were obviously very proud of the work they've done there (apparently it was the first place to give HIV treatment to a patient in Africa?!?) I haven't been there yet, but somebody at another institution told me Minnesota's global health opportunities is really impressive as well. Not necessarily global health in the typical sense of the word, but MCW has an opportunity to go rotate on a nearby Native American reservation which could be really enlightening.