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Feb 14, 2005

I am a 43 year old premed student. One question I have is how will
a prior felony conviction play into the selection process? What types
of prior bad acts would eliminate my chance at either an med or osteopathic
school? What about licensing (esp. in Indiana)? If you need more info please
let me know? Thank You


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Feb 4, 2005
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Given that I'm not in your situation, I don't know how much I can help, but I can say that on every secondary I returned and on the AMCAS itself (dunno about the AACOMAS) it asks about your criminal history. In addition, school like U of Rochester will require a background check (you get this information when you're accepted). So, its out there. I have no idea what it'll do, but I would imagine that it would definitely depend on the nature of the offense itself.


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Jul 5, 2004
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I'm not a lawyer, and what I will say will only parrot what I have heard from others. I hear that drug convictions, sex crimes, and crimes of moral turpitude (google it if you dont know what that is) are major obstacles to gaining admission. Like RunMimi said, sex crimes are likely at the top of the list; I know of SDNers who have overcome felony theft charges, but I sincerely doubt that anyone can be admitted with a past sex offender conviction. The usual line about learning from your experiences and making personal changes post-conviction apply to a felony situation, but regardless of all that, a felony may be a difficult obstacle to surmount. :luck:


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Nov 8, 1999
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if you want to practice in indiana it would serve you well to get on the state legislature's home page and find the state code. under the practice of medicine section, it will outline what the requirements are and if you are even able to get licensed with a felony on your record.

of course it would be worth your time to get the felony expunged off your record as well.