Jul 9, 2013
Hey all,

First of all let me start of by saying i have dual citizenship in both the U.S and Israel.
After a recent trip to Israel, i have decided i want to move there after i graduate from University.
I can also speak, read, and write Hebrew about 50% fluent, in which i plan to relearn/study to 100% before making my move.

I did some research on the medical schools in Israel and found that Schools such as Technion and Tel aviv University have american based medical schools.

I also found that the Israeli medical schools have an option to apply with a bachelor as a 4 year program versus, the standard 7-8 year program to apply after high school.

The schools i was able to track down that have either an American based or Israeli medical school are
Ben Gurion University, Bar Ilan University, Technion University, Hebrew University, and Tel Aviv University.

If anyone else can guide me in the direction of other medical schools in Israel not listed above i would really appreciate it.

On the topic of residency, what exactly are the requirements, besides an Israeli citizenship.

I do know that you take the USMLE exams in the american based schools, so if my plan is to stay in Israel after med school, would i need to take an Israeli version of the USMLE, or do they accept the USMLE for Israeli residency?

For the Israeli schools, i am assuming the licensing exams are an Israeli version of the USMLE, although I was unable to find the specific name of the medical licensure exams in Israel though.

Please let me know, as i am very serious about making Aliyah to Israel in order to study medicine and to become a physician in Israel.

All information provided is much appreciated,
Thank you.
Sep 18, 2015

Israeli Programs
These are the Israeli medical schools with 6 year (BS/MD) programs:
Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion, Technion, Hebrew U

The 4 year programs are operated by Tel Aviv and Bar Ilan, and have a laundry list of pre-reqs in the sciences as well as a GRE requirement.

American Programs in Israel
I believe they Are Sackler with TLV, Columbia with Ben Gurion, and Technion used to have one called TEAMs or it was affiliated with Touro - I am not really up to date on these programs, use google.

The website http://www.ima.org.il/ and specifically here http://www.ima.org.il/Internes/ViewCategory.aspx?CategoryId=7352#.VhLli5dlz4Y should be of use. But basically if you are coming from abroad, took the USMLE and did an approved residency you don't need to repeat it or take the boards.

Additionally, even Israelis can now take the USMLE (Step 1 and 2, not sure if CK is required) in lieu of the Israeli licensing exam after stag.

Medicine here is UBER competitive, a TON of people go abroad, primarily to all different parts of eastern and western Europe, to study medicine if they don't get accepted here.
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