Medical School Devices and Note Taking

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Dec 1, 2020
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I am preparing for my first year of medical school, and I am wondering what kind of devices and note taking styles people have chosen. I am interested in getting a tablet like an IPad or a surface pro and downloading good note or notability. I was wondering if people had any input on what worked best for them. Interested to hear if people still take handwritten notes daily as well.
Open to all suggestions as I am hoping to purchase a new device (laptop/tablet ect) soon.

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Have a similar question but a year behind you. Have you found any note taking strategies you like? Any devices or platforms you recommend?

I'm most familiar with Mac and am going to be getting a laptop (either Mac or PC). I have also heard a tablet is nice. What's been your experience? Thanks!
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My strategy was always
-don’t take notes in class
-review slides right after class, taking handwritten notes
-put info from handwritten notes into quizlet
-use learn mode in quizlet until know everything cold

I think that most literature advises against using a device to take notes.

That being said, I would recommend quizlet. Retrieval based memory strategies are likely to be more impactful than the benefit from writing notes. If you need tech for note taking, I would recommend Lenovo and IPad
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2nd year, our school “gives” us a laptop and I bought the cheapest basic iPad with Apple Pencil. I use it for taking notes during lectures and keeping pdf textbooks because they’re more pleasant to read on the iPad.

Mostly I don’t take many notes and I do anki on my laptop and use it for exams.
Good suggestions. Especially regarding info retention.

Personally I’m torn on devices: whether a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet (PC) is smart, or if I should get a new MacBook (OS I’m used to) plus a cheap iPad in the rare instance I use a stylus to draw/annotate. Main use case might actually be for a second screen if studying on the go.