Taking notes in medical school

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Jul 16, 2015
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So currently I have been downloading my powerpoints and putting them into OneNote as I like to type my notes next to each slide of the PowerPoint to keep things in order and usually add too many notes to just annotate in notability on the PowerPoint itself or professors add too much to the slide and I can't add anything to it. I then open up Evernote and start taking notes from the lecture, add info from the internet/book if I didn't understand a topic fully understand during class. Basically making a "study guide" putting together all information I have learned from all my different sources and only adding ppt slides that were useful. But sometimes it feels like I'm wasting so much time copying and pasting from the slide of some of the info and adding ppt photos in there as well. I then make anki cards from this.

Is this able to be done in medical school? How are you able to take all these notes during class and keep everything organized? I guess I could study just from my OneNote since all the ppts and notes are there, I just prefer something more organized. How do you guys take notes in class and then study after class?

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