1. D

    Can I get into dental school without committee letter?

    I’m getting my bachelor at FIU and is on the pre dental track. My institution is providing committee letter package but I can’t get one because I’m missing a non science LOR. Would that be a reg flag for dental school and decrease my chance of getting into one significantly?
  2. paggal

    Anyone from USC willing to share their experiances?

    I wanted to know more about the curriculum and student life. (Especially about PBL and lectures) Will we still have lectures or is everything group based learning? I have heard rumors about people not passing board exams too!
  3. P

    Is it still free to reschedule the DAT due to covid?

    Hello everyone, Anyone reschedule recently and didn't have to pay the fee? I have heard rumors that it was once free, but no longer is. Thanks.
  4. PreMedKia

    Hampton University Masters of Medical Science 2020

    Hello All! I decided to create this thread because I have not seen one for this year's round of applicants and candidates. This thread can be used for all of us to interact with those who are interested in applying, have applied, are waiting to be accepted, or are accepted to the program. I was...
  5. Z

    Question about having attended two schools at the same institution

    Hello everyone, I was in 6-year Pharm D program at Rutgers - New Brunswick for a bit and then took a gap semester Then, transferred to School of Arts and Sciences (biggest school with the most majors) within Rutgers - New Brunswick where I finished my Bachelor's degree recently When I tried to...
  6. C

    What are my chances of admission with low gpa?

    Hey all, so I’m finishing up undergrad this semester and want to apply to dental school this cycle. My gpa is on the lower end (3.28 overall 2.9 bcp) but this is due to the fact that I’ve had to work to help my father support my family of 5 financially while also caring for my mother (she...
  7. jayaykay15

    Chances of Acceptance with a 3.55 oGPA and a 3.2 sGPA?

    Hey everyone first time poster here, I'll be completing my undergrad a BYU (LDS school in Utah) in about a year and a half with a degree in Public Health: Health Science. My soon to be wife will finish about a year and a half after I graduate and it is really important to her to finish her...
  8. dentaldawg123

    Personal Statement Help

    Will someone please help me with my personal statement. I am so so bad at writing these, and have no clue how to start it/ what to say in it. It would mean so much to me.
  9. F


  10. M

    What are my chances??

  11. K

    Is Dental School Worth it? Canadian, Atlantic Bridge, Debt?

    Hi everyone, I just finished my second year of undergrad. I had an extremely rough first year due to mental illness, so my cGPA is not the best (2.94). My second year only GPA is a 3.5. I am not the best at science, I have always had to work very, very hard to understand the concepts. My major...
  12. 9

    Community Service/Clinical Hours Question?

    Hi all, I am applying to dental school in the summer, and I had a question regarding community service hours. I volunteer in a dental clinic, and I have probably accumulated over 100 hours. The clinic serves underprivileged minorities. Also, I tutored underprivileged children at a...
  13. rpsb16

    Pre-dental -NEED ADVICE.. BADLY!

    Before I explain my story i hope nobody laughs at the mistakes i've made, I just want to know if i have a shot at my dream of dentistry. So first of all my first year consisted of me getting 5 C+'s , and 1 D+ (in calc2). My second year first semester consisted of me getting an A, A, C, and a B...
  14. H

    What are my chances?

  15. N

    What kind of grades do you need to maintain once you are accepted?

    I have a couple interviews coming up this fall semester and I am just wondering that if I got accepted in December, what sort of grades would I need to maintain to not lose my acceptance? I understand that this may differ from school to school but what are some estimated averages among most schools?
  16. D

    Meeting with a representative???

    This is my first semester of freshman year. I have articulated enough dual credits from high school to make my class standing as a junior, so I receive all emails designated for upperclassmen. I received an email stating there is a Loma Linda Dental School representative coming to campus next...
  17. J

    What are my chances of getting an interview?

    Hi! I am a senior applying to only Texas schools this cycle. I recently took my DAT on August 6th. It was on the lower end. (AA/TS/PAT/Reading/any section below a 17): 18/18/21/19/13 in QR. These are also my GPA's as stated on my application: Overall GPA: 3.47 Overall BCPM GPA: 3.37 Undergrad...
  18. W


    Anyone that has recently got their app verified willing to share their submit date? Looking for an idea of how long the process is taking currently.
  19. S

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys this is my 2nd cycle applying and just wondering what you think my chances are? Applied around the beginning of July. I retook the DAT June 29th and that was posted to schools around mid-July. oGPA: 3.42 sGPA: 3.15 DAT: AA 20, TS 19, PAT- 19 None 17 or below. I have dental shadowing...
  20. R

    Low QR section...what to do?

    I took my DAT exam today. Here are my scores: PAT: 22 QR: 16 RC: 29 Bio: 21 GC: 24 OC: 21 TS: 22 AA: 22 I don't know what to think about the 16 on my QR section. I spent too much time on the first half of the questions and ended up just having to guess randomly for a huge portion of...
  21. Y

    DAT takers: time vs content

    Hey guys! So I was just wondering for those who have already taken the DAT, is the hardest part about the exam the content of the test, or moreso the time management aspect? For example, if you had more time on the exam would the test have been easier for you? I'm just wondering if I should...
  22. C

    Confused with DAT score.. where did I go wrong?

  23. M

    How to transfer without taking Prerequisites?

    Hello everyone, I heard that Dental Schools limit the number of prereqs that a student can take at a cc or they reject those completely. One thing is for sure, they prefer that these classes are taken at a 4 year school. How would any pre-med (biology) major transfer then without taking these...
  24. mystic17

    How adversely will the lack of a committee letter impact my application?

    Hello All, I will be applying to dental schools this cycle as a junior. I was recently informed that I am not eligible for a committee letter from my school because I have an official warning on my conduct record for a fire safety violation (using a fire exit once, no alarm sounded). I am very...
  25. sp1997

    School Lists and Applying Internationally

    Should I take any of these schools out of my list? I already took out Harvard because I was told it caters towards PHDs in dentistry and that wasn't my goal Herman Ostrow (USC) UCLA Midwestern (IL) Louisville UCSF Columbia Marquette Rutgers UPenn UIC Case Western UPitt Also, does anyone know...
  26. T

    Should I apply this cycle?

  27. M

    Penn Dental Waitlist for Fall 2018

    Hi everyone! I was placed on the waitlist for Penn Dental and just wondering if anyone has insight into what the chances are of getting in? Is there anything I can do to better my chances of turning this status into an acceptance? Additionally, because it is mid-March, is it safe to assume the...
  28. T

    Research for GPR?

    Hello friends. I was just accepted to a few dental schools. Thinking ahead, I was wondering if residency program care at all about research. If not, how is doing research in the interest of already-busy students ?
  29. A

    What should I do this summer?

    Hello, I am currently struggling with what I should spend this coming summer doing. I am planning to apply to dental schools in June 2018. I am currently a junior in undergrad and have a 22 DAT and ~3.9 overall and science GPA. Plenty of shadowing experience as well. My current thoughts on...
  30. Boise State Bronco

    Best way to take notes in studying for the DAT?

    I am going to start studying for the DAT on Monday and I'm getting excited to start going. What are the most effective ways to take notes while studying? My friend uses OneNote for his MCAT prep notes, but I'm more of a paper and pen person. Although using the computer it will be a lot easier to...
  31. Boise State Bronco

    What else can I be doing?

    I am applying to dental school in June, so these next 6 months are very important. I have a 3.8/3.9 gpa, I've been shadowing a dentist and plan to shadow others. I worked as a developmental therapist for over a year, I have 150+ volunteer hours with refugees, I work as a biology lab materials...
  32. Boise State Bronco

    Patient experience

    Question for everyone: I am applying in June but with a full semester and studying for the DAT, what should I do for "patient exposure"? I worked as a Developmental Therapist for over a year: working one on one with patients with mental disorders and keeping record of how they react to certain...
  33. J


    Hello all, I just recently Q-dropped genetics. I was taking 12 hours and dropped down to 9. This is my first drop and I did it because as of now, I have a 3.2 GPA. I transferred to UT Austin with my associates degree and a 3.7 GPA from a CC. I was probably going to get a C+ in genetics and is...
  34. T

    Most Important Criteria in Choosing a Dental School?

    As It's time for us to begin selecting schools, I wonder, what are the most important criteria in choosing a dental school? The first few things that come to mind are: 1.Price 2. Clincal exposure 3. Location 4. Facilities 5. Staff 6. Reputation What else is there? How would you rate these 6?
  35. JackM255

    What to do during a gap period

    Hey guys, So may be an odd question but I will be graduating here in the next week. I will have about a 6-7 month time gap period before dental school starts. Have any of you had this similar thing happen? I'm mainly curious about what you did during your gap time like regarding jobs. Does the...
  36. D

    Gateway to Dentistry Winter 2018

    Did anyone apply for Rutgers Gateway to Dentistry for the Winter of 2018?
  37. S

    Roommate Looking for Barry U BMS Master Roommate

    I will be attending Barry Univ. Biomedical Science Masters Program starting in January for the dental track. I'm currently looking to share a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment/condo in the hollywood/aventura/davie area. Prefer male roommate. Looking to sign a one-year lease. Have done my research on...
  38. future_nostalgia


    Hi Everyone! I took the DAT on August 21, 2017. For some background: I am a junior majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Consumer Psychology. Prior to my exam, I had already completely the intro bio track at Penn, as well as the General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry courses. I also had...
  39. E

    Should I be hearing back from dental schools soon?

    I have a 3.97 GPA and got a 22 on the DAT (bio 21, gc 29, orgo 22, pat 19, reading 19, qr 20). I submitted my app in early July but didn't take the DAT until Aug 15 (pretty sure schools just recently got my official scores). I haven't been invited to any interviews and feel like I shouldn't...
  40. K

    Engineering graduate go to postbacc for the name? Advice pls

    I graduated with a bachelor's and master's in engineering at a very competitive college but looking to go to dental school. My bachelors gpa is in the very low 3.x, but both my masters and science gpa is decent. I've taken Chem I & II and Bio I and got an A in all three. Is it worth the money to...