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Feb 13, 2003
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This is for current residents / students who have done rotations at MGH. How do you like the system with large teams consisting of 4 interns, 2 residents, an attending and a few students? How long does it take to round on 25+ patients a day? Does each patient get a thorough presentation or are they abbreviated so that rounds don't take all day? Since it's a "team" system, do you still feel primarily responsible for your own patients or is that responsibility equally spread out among everyone?

I'm used to smaller teams with about 4-6 people and a census of 12 or so. I really liked mgh but I'm not sure if I'll really be able to keep the details straight on 25 patients at a time. Any thoughts? Is there anyone who thinks it's a superior or inferior team arrangement, and why?


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Feb 4, 2007
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I have worked on the Bigelow as an MS3. Basically from my understanding, all 4 interns share equal responsibility for knowing the patients (which is why the team rounds on everyone together) and they split the work. If you admitted them, you may just remember them a little more. Walk work rounds last about 2.5 hours or so. These are for the old patients. Then there are rounds with the social workers, PT/OT at 10 AM, then attending rounds at 11 AM. So new patients get presented here, max is 5 I think. Full presentation at the bedside if the patient is okay with it. So the new ones don't get short changed. (This may have changed since I did medicine there way back in July 2005.) Your old patients may get short changed if you are trying to get work rounds done quickly but I think by having 5 people in the room or more, its less difficult to miss asking a key question or a physical finding. I don't know about 25+ patients. I never saw a list that long. I guess it is kind of tough to remember so many patients on call night while trying to admit 5. I'm interested to hear what residents thought about this. :smuggrin:
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