Michigan (OOS) vs Marquette(OOS)

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Aug 16, 2017
School 1: University of Michigan School of Dentistry

** Both have very similarly priced tuition and COA**

- Very good reputation
- Close to Detroit
- New clinic starting 2022, which is perfect for class of 2024 bc thats when we start seeing patients
- Has OMFS

- Farther from home(Chicago)
-Construction going on
- Not so early clinical exposure
- Specialty departments take all of the complex/ interesting cases

School 2: Marquette School of Dentistry

- Closer to home
- Start clinical exposure fairly early, in D1 year
- Smaller class size (just by a bit)

- Does not have OMFS
- Not same reputation as Michigan
- Does not have Oral surgery department
Dec 12, 2019
I can't say much about Marquette because I did not apply there but I do know a little about Michigan as I have some friends there. Michigan has a great reputation but their ranking is very much in terms of their research. As you mentioned the specialty departments take many cases which limits a lot of the clinic exposure you receive. I know many students that are graduating from there and are doing a AEGD of GPR because they do not feel practice-ready. But it does have the reputation because it is a leader in dental research and producing dentists that want to go into academia. Marquette you said does have great clinical exposure so I always say go where the clinic is best. It does not have OMFS or oral surgery but that is okay. Most students go on to complete their residencies at a university that they did not obtain their DDS in. My university of Michigan friend went to case western for oral surgery. It is also good to be close to home during this transition because it is such a big life change.
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