1. D

    AEGD or GPR in Chicago

    Hello SDN, I am a current D3 and debating on doing an AEGD or GPR to gain more experience implant placement and IV Sedation. I am really interesting in these areas and would like to do them in the future as a general dentist. I was wondering if any programs in Chicago are good in these areas...
  2. W

    Questioning Pursuing Dentistry...

    Hello! I’m a senior in undergrad and have everything set to apply to dental school. However, due to COVID I didn’t start actually shadowing until recently. I find dentistry very boring. The first few days I came in I was kind of interested in what all the dentists were doing, but now that I’m...
  3. D

    Pediatric dental residency

    Hello all! I am currently a 3rd year dental student hoping to apply for pediatric residencies. Something I am mainly nervous about is knowing what to ask residency programs. I have a 30 minute meeting (in place of an externship because none are being offered right now) with a person in charge of...
  4. N

    OMFS externships

    I am an international BDS student from the UK, and I am planning to move to Canada after graduation and clear the NDEB. I definitely want to specialise and I am aware my journey towards becoming an OMFS is going to be almost impossible, but I want to to as many externships as I can and be the...
  5. F

    2021-2022 Texas A&M Dental Post-Baccalaureate Program

    Hello everyone! I didn’t see a thread for this year’s TAMCOD PBP application cycle. So here’s a thread for everyone. Good luck!
  6. D

    RESTORATIVE DENTISTS: What are some things you wish your specialist colleagues knew?

    Hi, I'm a prosthodontics resident and I'm preparing for an interdisciplinary presentation to future endodontists, periodontists, and orthodontists. I'm trying to develop guidelines that specialists can follow to help guide them through treatment with the restorative goal in mind. Ever refer a...
  7. B

    Pre-med volunteering in a dental public health lab

    Hi everyone, I'm a junior who recently started volunteering in a lab associated with my university's dental school. I reached out to them mainly because I saw that they were looking for Spanish speakers, and since I spent 9 months learning Spanish during my gap year, I thought it would be a...
  8. ClandestineDime

    PPE is Giving Me a Headache... Literally. Any PPE Hacks?

    Since COVID-19, our school requires us to wear face shields and N95s, both give me intense headaches. Does anyone have recommendations on how to make these PPE items more comfortable? Any PPE hacks?
  9. dentaltab4life

    ไทย - Dental Accreditation in Thailand

    Are there any Thai dentists or Thai dental students on this International Dentist forum? I am looking for help in understanding and preparing for the accreditation process for overseas dentists seeking a license in Thailand. For context, I am a 2nd year dental student at a school in the US. I...
  10. C

    WAMC? Any suggestions for dental schools as an international student??

    Hey everyone! I'd love to know your opinion on my chances as an international student and what you think of my school list? Thanks for spending the time reading this! Date of submission: 7/9/2020 Overall GPA: 4.0 Science GPA: 4.0 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 4.0 DAT score (include AA and all...
  11. bangity

    Virtual Reality in Medicine and Surgery (Free Educational VR360 Resources)

    Hi all, My name is Bang Quach. I am a 4th year Oral & Maxillofacial resident at University of Florida-Jacksonville. The VRiMS is a new training program for residents/trainees that utilize VR Headsets (360 videos) recorded using the Insta360 camera, using YouTube as a host, and viewed using the...
  12. D

    Dental student interaction with Medical student

    So it seems like in undergrad every pre med student I met said something along the lines of "I couldn't deal with mouths that's gross" or "dentistry is boring" whenever I stated I was interested in dentistry. Let's ignore the fact that medicine involves rectal exams and many "gross" things. It's...
  13. G

    HPSP & Relinquishing Disability Rating??!!

    Hello SDN, I am currently in undergrad, but will graduate in Spring 2021. I am looking to pursue a career in dentistry. As such, I have been in contact with the local recruiter regarding HPSP. I hope someone can provide some insight on what he is relaying to me. The recruiter is telling me...
  14. C

    Career advice

    Hey guys. So up until now I was pursuing medicine. After a rigorous SMP and a gap year, I have been reconsidering it. I realized that although I want a job where I can work with people, use science, and be my own boss, the inherit extremely high level of stress in medical education and as a...
  15. B

    Accreditation dyploma in Canada

    Hello everyone , I hope all of you staying safe at this hard time. I’m graduating dental faculty this year , and I want move to Canada . 1) Do I need residency for 2 years or I just need dyploma? 2) what material you was studying when you prepare for AFK exam and where I can take it? 3) Do I...
  16. C

    Trying to Get Pre-Reqs Done; Military Dental Assistant

    Hello! I am currently working as a dental assistant for the US Air Force overseas. I am trying to get as many prerequisite classes completed as possible with my time over here. (I have about 2.5 years let over seas, and another 4 + in the military.) I already have some college courses under my...
  17. queenofthenorth

    NYU vs. UB (OOS)

    University of Buffalo Pros: - Cheaper than NYU - New facilities - Low rent - in-state tuition after a year I think? Cons: - Cold! - the city compared to nyc NYU Pros: - NYC; I've always wanted to live in a big city and a lot of my friends live there currently Cons: -EXPENSIVE -large...
  18. D

    Michigan (OOS) vs. Marquette (OOS)

    School 1: University of Michigan School of Dentistry ** Both have very similarly priced tuition and COA** Pros: - Very good reputation - Close to Detroit - New clinic starting 2022, which is perfect for class of 2024 bc thats when we start seeing patients - Has OMFS Cons: - Farther from...
  19. rcollinb

    Brown University Gateway - Medical Sciences Graduate Program

    Hi folks, I am actually pre-dental, but figured this would be more relevant here. I am applying to the Warren Alpert Gateway program for Medical Sciences at Brown University. The application is due mid May, but the program does not start until mid to late July. Would I have to be completely...
  20. W

    Can MEPS check RX drugs?

    I’m applying for the Army HPSP scholarship for dental school, and I had previously taken Adderall for ADHD. I told my Physician to not fill it anymore, but from what I’ve read, you need to be off of it for a year. I haven’t been taking it for about 3 months. Can MEPS check the current or past...
  21. B

    Canadian Pre-Dental Student

    Hello everyone! I’m currently a sophomore at a Canadian university and I have been researching the various dental schools in the US. Since it’s extremely competitive to get admission in a Canadian dental school, going to the States for education will likely be my backup. Honestly, I would prefer...
  22. S

    Free DAT Practice Test through 'March 2 Success' (Peterson's DAT) - Anyone Taken This??

    Has anyone used the free DAT given by "Peterson's" through "March 2 Success"? My pre-health advisor at my University recommended it to me, but I can not seem to find ANY information about other students using it. It would help if I could gauge my scores against other students', because the test...
  23. K

    PreDental Coaching/Advising

    It has been a long time since I have been on SDN, but I remember it well since it's a great place to find general advice on how to get into dental school or a variety of other professional programs. My name is Zack Neitzey DMD. I graduated from Tufts School of Dental Medicine in 2017. For three...
  24. AlexisT

    Marquette University Post-Bacc BMPD 2019-2020

    Hey! Starting this thread since there isn’t one yet.
  25. docdew

    Best Cosmetic Dentistry CE Courses?

    I'm a current dental student interested in gaining further certification/specialization/training in cosmetics. Can anyone recommend which are the best CE courses to enroll in? Any other advice for a future dentist aspiring to focus on cosmetics?
  26. FruitCanal

    Medical Scribe - How to frame on an application?

    I should start by saying I did not switch to dental because it was an "easier path"! I just found that medicine wasn't for me... after starting my scribing position. However, I still need the money and I want to be able to use the time I've spent here in my application if possible. I am also...
  27. Biggytooth

    Is Corporate Dentistry Less of a Threat to the Specialties?

    Hey all, I am in the midst of determining what dental school I will be able to attend this coming fall. I have an offer of admission from an expensive private school and am still praying to get into my state school. The entire situation has me thinking about my future quite a bit, as well as...
  28. NorthernMEd

    NHSC Students to Service

    Wondering if anyone from past years know when they usually inform applicants if they received this or not? Or has anyone who has applied heard anything yet. My application just says in review. I know it says on the website that they will tell you by February 28th at the latest but hoping to hear...
  29. ComDest

    Dalhousie Faculty of Dentistry Interview/Acceptance: Class of 2023

    Hello everyone, As of January 24th, 2019 I got the mind-blowing offer to interview at the Dalhousie University, Faculty of Dentistry in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm scheduled to interview on the 11th of February. I'm super excited to go and see what Halifax has to offer. I am from the U.S., so...
  30. D


    Hey guys I got accepted into school that both offer the DDS-MBA program. Still debating which one to go to, lol. I was just wondering if you guys think that getting the DDS-MBA degree is worth it and do you guys know what else I can get into with that kind of degree?? Thanks
  31. whatisit350

    learning about the business side of dentistry while in school

    hey guys, D1 here. just wondering, how are y'all learning about the business side of dentistry? as we all know, dental school teaches us about dentistry, which is totally fair. however, being a good and successful dentist requires us to know a lot about business too. i know i could work for a...
  32. R

    Best job opportunity for upcoming applicants?

    Hey all, hopefully someone out there has been in a similar situation and has some helpful suggestions. I've recently finished the DAT and scored pretty well, but with a subpar GPA, I still need more extracurriculars in order to become a more competitive applicant. I definitely plan on getting...
  33. S


  34. Hales124

    What are my chances?

    Date of submission: Next cycle asap Overall GPA: 4.0 (after grades this semester may be a ~3.97) Science GPA: 4.0 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 4.0 DAT score (include AA and all sections): 21AA, 19PAT, 24 RC, 23 QR, 19TS State of Residence: Florida -- APPLYING TO LECOM, NOVA, UF (specifically what is...
  35. Sortie

    What kind of jobs can you get with a DDS/DMD outside of practicing dentistry?

    For example, can you work in a corporation (Straumann, P&G, etc.), while still using some of your knowledge and experience in dentistry/medicine? I was just wanting to know some of the other possible options with a DDS/DMD outside of practicing dentistry and its specialties. The only equivalent...
  36. UBC Dentistry

    Academic Institution UBC DMD Program Accepting International Applications

    The Faculty of Dentistry at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, is pleased to announce its DMD Program is now open to international candidates (non-Canadian citizen/PR applicants). Leading to a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, the four-year program employs an innovative...
  37. F

    UCLA AEGD Westwood Overview?

    hi guys I’m an international dentist and I was keen to apply for the aegd we stood UCLA. However I understand for a non coda grad it’s pretty competitive. However what’s the overview by on the ACT AEGD programme that the dept also offers? Is it worth the money to pursue it? I’m interested in...
  38. S


    Hey Guys... I need some honest opinion here. I am going to apply in the next cycle in June 2019. I have a Canadian transfer (2 years) of 2.6 GPA 58 credits) and I am in a Washington University for 3 years (with 3.97 GPA with 89 credits). (I'm a WA resident) The average two GPA: 3.5 +/- a little...
  39. S

    Dental Hygienist to Dental School?

    Hey everyone. I was just wondering if it is at all possible to go from Dental Hygiene program straight into a dental school? I am asking this because my undergraduate grade is not great (2.8ish out of 4.0) and I dont know if there are any schools that would even look at my application with that...
  40. V

    Will I have a shot at any 6yr OMFS program?

    Hi all, I am studying for the CBSE right now, plan to take it in February but really distraught because I have seen a few posts regarding the importance of an undergraduate GPA for acceptance into a 6 year program. My undergrad performance was, by no means, stellar (~3.3 if you don't...