Midwestern University- Glendale Interview Coming Soon

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Dec 15, 2019
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Hi everyone,
I recently got an interview at midwestern for PharmD. I was just wondering what to expect for the interview/ interview day. Do they ask you many MMI questions during your interview? I read that its a panel interview, but I want to make sure. I posted in a thread asking before, but I don't think people saw it so I am making my own.
Thanks for your help!

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From when I interviewed a few years ago they had the tell me about why pharmacy question and a few other easier ones like that. Before the interview they had a written question asking: whats a bigger discovery sewer systems or antibiotics? But what you should know before you attend is that they are up for reaccreditation in 2021 before your graduate and the way things have been going with them I would be hesitant to choose this school. On top of that in my graduating class last year less than half of us got jobs or residencies so make sure you have a job lined up for after graduation if you choose to go to pharmacy school.