Molecular Biology but not biochemistry (also no physics III) - self study and take MCAT?


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Sep 14, 2015
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So I want to take the MCAT January 2017 but I will not have had biochemistry - I am currently planning on taking it that spring of 2017.

MoBio covers things like DNA and protein, gene regulation, general genetics and microbiology but does not have the biochemical stuff like enzyme kinetics and what not.

For the record, I also HAVE to self study for the topics of sound, optics and quantum physics because I do not have room in my schedule to take third semester (I took calc based which is 3 semesters)

Do you think I will do fine? I have not taken a full practice test, but if I do well on the AAMC's practice test do you think I will get a comparable score on the real thing?

Other option is to take in April, where I will have completed most of biochem


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Apr 10, 2016
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You definitely don't have to study quantum.. Just the basics of sound and optics will be fine.

You can self study for the biochem stuff that isn't covered in you molecular. Make sure you understand kinetics and metabolic pathways.

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Apr 30, 2015
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You will be fine. Invest in a solid prep company (I did the Kaplan series), and you will be covered. Taking the course prior to MCAT studying expedites the process, but these prep companies are sure to include every possible topic on the MCAT.
Jun 25, 2016
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Molecular biology will be, in a sense, more helpful than biochem. It is still absolutely crucial that you learn and become intimately familiar with amino acid chemistry and enzyme kinetics.

Also, regarding what a prior poster said, I had quantum on my test, but it was very fundamental. Most "hard" physics requires a calculator, which you are obviously not allowed to have with you. When you self study, just ensure you understand the concepts that the math represents, and you'll be totally fine! I took the mcat without taking BioChem and did well, so you can too! Good luck!