Montgomery GI Bill increase!!

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Aug 18, 2009
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MGIB Increased this year to $1368/month. If you do the kicker (DO the $600 kicker) you get $1518/month. I had been afraid they would forget about MGIB with the 9/11 bill that doesn't help as much during civilian residency.

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I know its been posted before im sure but im too busy to look it up, so does the GI bill cover Fellowships also or just residency?
nevermind, found my answer... I guess you can use for fellowship.. My biggest question would be is how do you find out if you are contributing for it because I dont recall ever declining it but I dont think my pay check is getting it taken out. Also who would I talk to to make sure I am contributing since as of now I plan on doing a fellow most likely civilian after my payback.