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Feb 22, 2004
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I'm interested to know what type of moonlighting positions exist for GP's. I'm a Navy GMO finished Int Med PGY-1 and now doing scholarship payback as General Practioner. Have med lic in Va and my own DEA #. Doing primary care x 3.5 yrs and plan to return to residency in 1 yr - Neurology as civilian. Have plenty of time since military docs 7-2 M-F. Where do I look for moonlighting other than UC and ERs which we are prohibited from working in secondary to active duty regulation. All other venues legal.

I heard monitoring contrast reactions at Rad centers, Sports physicals, Insurance exams...any others specifically chart reviews etc. How does one go about getting these jobs. I want to take advantage of my time and GP experience. All advice appreciatted and welcomed.