More poetry on earthly and divine love.

Discussion in 'Spouses and Partners' started by Smilemaker100, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. Smilemaker100

    Smilemaker100 Banned Banned 10+ Year Member

    Feb 24, 2004
    I posted more of my writings in response to the encouragement of "Grandpa!", "alison_in_oh", "freshair", "idiopathic" and the others in this forum who appreciate poetry.


    I am a bird,
    You are my song.
    I am the shore,
    You are the sea,
    We embrace
    With every gust of wind.
    You are the sun,
    I am a planet,
    You are my center.
    I am the water,
    You are the sky,
    We are everlasting.
    I am a flower,
    You are the earth,
    You nourish me.
    I am a body,
    You are my soul,
    You are love,
    You are a part of me.

    LUCK (1998)

    The hands of Fate gambled
    When I didn't want to play...
    For I won too many times
    And lost my fortune at the end of the day.

    Mischievous Lady Luck laughed at me
    For I blindly believed
    All the words and gestures of the card dealer
    That I stayed all night, too enchanted to leave.

    Cupid's arrow made me the unlucky target...
    I became enlightened by the presence of a boy
    Who made me feel heavenly as the morning sunlight
    But to him, I was just another toy.

    He kissed me with his mere gaze,
    He serenaded me with his melodious laughter,
    He recreated me with his mere touch,
    He cast a spell that made me
    Become a sensual and mindless fool.

    I tried to flee from his aura, like a bird in flight,
    But I was too drawn from the warmth of his light.

    The mere idea of his existence
    Has imprisoned me...
    For I am bonded to the beauty
    Of the breathing land living beneath
    The snow and bottomless sea
    Which was revealed to me
    When I fell in love with him.

    Such beauty is dangerous and deceiving
    For he was not captivated by me...
    I must free him from the depths of my mind
    And forget the morning sunlight I never really saw.

    How many times will the hands of Fate be so cruel?


    I don't feel lonely,
    For you are the voice in the wind.
    I don't feel sad,
    For you are in every happy song I sing.
    I don't miss your smile
    For it is upon the eyes and lips of every happy child.
    I don't miss you embrace,
    Or the tenderness of your face,
    For Mother Nature seduces me with her charms
    And I find salvation in my mother's arms.
    But this is all denial of reality,
    For I want to always reside by you,
    And love you from here to eternity.
    I want to wake up in your arms in the morning
    And fall asleep in your arms in the evening.
    I want to hold you when you're sad
    And rejoice with you when you're glad.
    I want you to be my eternal dance,
    I want you to be my song,
    I want you to be my living dream,
    I want you to be my laughter,
    I want you to be my sorrow
    And face the new life with me tomorrow.
    Must I remain a prisoner of desire?
    Release me and set my soul on fire!
    I am an angel in your arms and you are my saint,
    Kiss me incessantly till I faint!

    I AM WHOLE (2001)

    I am whole.
    I don't need to be completed
    By another soul.
    I embody a spirit in harmony
    With everything surrounding me.

    I am whole.
    I don't need to be completed
    By another soul.
    I am the song
    That is sung by a child
    And the wolf's call in the wild.

    I am whole.
    I don't need to be completed
    By another soul.
    I am the love of a mother
    And the love of a lover.
    I am the love that makes the stars sparkle in the sky.
    I am the love that grows in beds of roses where lovers lie.

    I am whole.
    I don't need to be completed
    By another soul.
    I am the instrument of divinity
    Existing in all beings inhabiting
    The fertile land and rolling sea.

    I am whole.
    I don't need to be completed
    By another soul.
    I have found my voice.
    I have found my song.

    There is no need to search and worry
    Let your soul tell its story.
    All the love you need is within thee.
    Listen carefully to the song of the heavens and the rolling sea
    A sweet song crying silently:
    "Celebrate me! Celebrate me!"
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  3. Smilemaker100

    Smilemaker100 Banned Banned 10+ Year Member

    Feb 24, 2004
    some more of my poems...

    MORTAL LOVE (2001)

    I awake, I sleep.
    I smile, I weep.
    What you love
    You cannot keep.
    Again I cry and fall asleep.

    I awake, I sleep.
    I smile, I weep.
    Time does not play.
    Time does not stand still.
    Time won't turn back today
    And never will.
    Again I cry and fall asleep,
    Mourning time I cannot keep.

    I awake, I sleep.
    I smile, I weep.
    I turn to you
    Claiming a love so true.
    But time won't pause
    For lovers that search
    For a truth or cause
    Explaining why they exist.
    Time will persist
    Time will separate
    Those who love and those who hate.
    Again I cry and fall asleep
    Turning to dreams to find my fate.

    I awake, I sleep.
    I smile, I weep.
    Will you go or will you stay?
    I don't care anymore
    I live day to day.
    But still I cry and fall asleep
    Mourning love I cannot keep.

    I awake, I sleep.
    I smile, I weep.
    I've wasted time.
    I cannot find
    A love that is kind
    A love that is sweet
    That will make me complete.

    But in my sleep
    I no longer had to seek
    For an angel sung a song
    The song of my soul
    That told me I was already whole.
    And that God alone
    Could deliver me from mortal love and time.

    SOFTLY (2002)

    The snow is soft beneath her
    As she walks alone through the storm.
    His voice was soft when he bid her farewell
    And his kiss goodbye was oh! so warm.

    The rain falls softly on her cheeks
    As she silently, softly weeps
    And she walks alone through the storm
    And begins to forget those kisses that were so warm.

    She has faith in time
    And she somehow recovers her soul in rhyme.
    For she knows that time is a revealer
    Of true beauty, true love.
    A soul can be recovered for time is a healer.
    Time is a gentle lover.

    She views the earth from a distance
    And she gently whispers goodbye
    For to everyday we must die,
    Accept our fate and not cry.
    One must love but not with too much attachment.
  4. nachoDoc

    nachoDoc On the beach Lifetime Donor 7+ Year Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Great stuff!!!!!

    Keep em coming!!!

    :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  5. Smilemaker100

    Smilemaker100 Banned Banned 10+ Year Member

    Feb 24, 2004
    *virtual hugs back* Thank you , Grandpa!

    I have written so much over a 15 year period (mostly diary entries) but I am afraid to say that most of it is crap and needs to be refined. I am a restless artist...seeking to find a perfection I may never find...which makes me want to create even does bring peace of mind to a certain degree. Make any sense? I think that it takes other artists to know what I am talking about...CATHARIS

    Anyhow, here goes a few more poems/compositions...

    OLD WOMAN KNITTING (2001)...this was inspired by an old lady I was observing in the subway. When I am in public areas, I play close attention to the people around me...I analyze people based on their body language , the content of their conversations, the tone of their voice and their facial expressions. Maybe I should have become a psychologist.

    Her finger joints are swollen by arthritis, swollen by use, and swollen by age.
    But they still move swiftly, precisely and steadily as she knits away.
    She knits her joys, she knits her hopes and she knits her sorrows.
    She knits her yesterdays, she knits today and she knits her tomorrows.
    But when I watch her, time pauses between breaths.
    She knits with blue wool: the color of the heavens, the color of eternity.
    She knits with red wool: the color of her passions.
    She knits with green wool: the color of Mother Earth, the color of maternity.
    She knits with white wool: the color of her mind, the color of purity.
    She knits with such concentration that she loses herself in the process and becomes the pattern.
    She knits the pattern of a soul that has suffered yet has known enlightenment.
    She knits with such intensity that she finds herself naked before divinity.
    When she knits, her emotions flow freely into the pattern and Lady Truth reveals herself...
    Busy hands, busy momentarily, free of time.

    CATHARSIS (1996)
    "The world will be saved by beauty"- Fyodor Dostoevsky

    I write to save my soul. Some days, I become so immersed with the ritual human activities that I forget who I am. The process of expression asserts that I am a feeling and thinking creature. Nobody knows me. I am a secret, an enigma, for I only exist here in these words... this is my world. The world is a lonely place to all who prefer individuality over mass crowd appeal. But with the power of expression in the ink of my pen, the paint on my brushes and my pastels, I can be defined, I can belong and I can exist. It is only here that I can say anything and everything and still be heard. The world will be saved when everyone asserts themselves through creation, through beauty.


    My body glides with grace like a swan on a pond
    In the waves of crowds, in the waves of flesh.
    My conscious mind is weightless and soars to the heavens
    For it is light with inspiring divine thoughts.
    I am free for I have no origins, no nationality,
    No one can claim me.
    The only ones who have a right to claim me are eternal:
    The earth, the ocean and sky.
    Since the day I was born,
    I am what I see,
    I am what I hear,
    I am what I speak,
    I am what I touch,
    I am what I create.
    I deny this flesh called that of a female.
    I deny the lines of beauty in my face and body
    For they deceive the true immortal beauty within.
    I accept my body as that of a human being
    And my mind and my thoughts as my true self

    SONG OF A DAY (2002)

    The sun rises and I open my eyes...

    The petals of a flower open
    A hummingbird feeds on sweet nectar.
    A young Bluejay flies for the first time
    A child speaks his first words
    Lovers share a first kiss
    A new life is born
    Ashes are thrown at sea
    And my heart beats on and on
    To the rhythm of the eternal song.

    With every breath I take,
    I inhale God.
    With every breath I exhale,
    I exhale God.

    A flower's petals slowly fold together.
    The moon rises and my eyelids close.
    And my heart beats on and on
    To the rhythm of the eternal song.


    Welcome to my arms, welcome to life.
    Say you'll accept this waltz to c'haim.
    Bid farewell to the lips of ghosts,
    Say you'll accept this waltz to c'haim.
    We are breathing and in love now
    But that may not be so tomorrow.
    Why refuse this joy and regret it later and live in sorrow?
    Say you'll accept this dance to life, this dance to c'haim.
    The only danger you'll find in my embrace
    Is being aware of the power you have over me
    The power to erase the sad lines from my face.

    WAR CHILD (1997) Dedicated to a friend who survived the war in Yugoslavia

    A veil of sadness hovers over her baby blue eyes,
    She has forgotten what it is like to love or despise.
    What reflected from her eyes no child should ever know...
    Robbed of loved ones but no one succeeded in raping her soul.
    Will this child's face ever illuminate on a summer's day?
    When she joins her playmates once the guns have been put away?
    What force will lure her to face the happy sunlight,
    When the sun only rose bloody in the sky
    And sank in the starless evening darkness
    As she witnessed her childhood love die.

    Thundering sounds of gunshots shred the silence of the air.
    Peace shall come, peace shall come.
    Sleep my friend, sleep
    And for you I will weep, weep.
    Will prayer ever comfort you again?
    Who will heal your invisible wounds?

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