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Jan 5, 2004
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Just trying to narow my decision down to NYCOM or NSU..hopefully some M3 n M4 students reply as well

1. how do u feel the professors were? are they all into what they're doing and motivate students to learn a lot or do they simply put u to sleep. Also are they very welcoming to student questions?

2. When you went on your rotations in NY, did u feel that you got some really good experience. meaning were they very receptive of NYCOM students and cooperative/supportive of you.

3. say you decide to do your rotations all over NY meaning one in Long Is, one in manhatten...will housing easily be provided for or do you have to do most of the leg work yourself?

sorry about all these weird/long questions.....trying to make a decision between nycom and nsu is pretty hard


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Sep 29, 2003
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I'm not a 3rd or 4th year but maybe my input can help.

You would have to commute everyday for your rotation unless you want to move every month. Commuting between NYCOM and the city is not that bad esp if you have to be at your site by 5 or 6am. Traffic would be less.

The professors are really nice here and smart. Some of them should be rocket scientist and stuff.

Rotation is what you make out of it... it should be your duty to learn... though i've heard that NYCOM has really good affiliated hospitals and some of the hospitals are great, so I wouldnt worry too much about it. thats one reason why I chose NYCOM over others.


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Apr 2, 2002
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I'm a 2nd year at NYCOM.
The teaching is like any other school. Some teachers are great, others put you to sleep. 1st year is pretty good with only a few boring professors. 2nd year is variable depending on who is teaching. I would say 70-80% of the professors are good with 20% being exceptional. Most of the notes are good, especially 1st year. Hopefully by next year the notes that we complained about will be re-written. If not, upperclassmen are usually willing to share their notes from the year before.
Most of the professors love questions, especially in class. There is usually time during breaks to ask questions if you don't want to ask in class. If you are like many of the students, you will be home watching the lectures on your computer, so you can just e-mail the professor or other classmates about questions...I like this method :laugh:
I haven't done rotations yet, but I will be starting in 3 months. Most of the rotations in LI and NYC do not provide housing, but most are within 1hr of each other. Again, with the times you will be going in, you won't hit as much traffic. You can also opt to do regional campus where you stay in the same hospital or group of hospitals your entire 3rd year. This alleviates the issue of constantly moving or commuting really far. Upstate rotations (Binghampton, Kingston, Danbury, Buffalo) do provide housing either at no cost or very low cost. As far as I know, most places are very happy with NYCOM students. I know in the Kingston area NYCOM has a very good reputation among the doctors and general community.
Hope this helps! Good luck where ever you end up!
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