MPH Epidemiology?

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Oct 14, 2007
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Hey Everyone,

I am currently applying to different MPH/MS programs in Epidemiology. I want to work in public health, specifically epi, but I don't have much experience in the field. I am going to be receiving my bachelors degree in May. It seems like all the programs I am applying to demand a lot of experience. Right now I am looking at San Diego State or UCLA since they are in state. My upper division (last 60 units) GPA is looking good so far, but my GRE wasn't that great. So I don't know what my chances are at those schools. Did you guys have the same problem or can offer me advice?

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What is your major? I believe epidemiology and biostatistics would require math and a little bit of relevant health experience. A high score in quantitative section and a good SOP might get you in.
my major is health science. i never got a chance to gain experience because of work. are there schools out there where i dont need experience? i feel kind of lost about what to do now.
it seems like besides Harvard, Johns Hopkins, UNC, and some other schools many accept students with no work experience. (i even know someone at harvard who got in straight from undergrad, so there are exceptions)

If you're looking outside CA, I'd suggest St. Louis University, Columbia, Emory...they all accept people without work experience, but may be more expensive then you'd like. Good luck!