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I'm a 2nd year medical student who's always been interested in lefty stuff but just recently I am seriously doubting the way medicine is set up... I am feeling a strong desire to go toward thinking about medicine as population-based. To that end, I am considering doing an MPH, perhaps during residency. I've heard that residencies might pay for you to do an MPH - is this at all true? Is anyone able to do this? And I realize this is a huge question, but what sorts of job opportunities are available for an MD interested in pop'n-based medicine (i.e. a much less hardcore Paul Farmer??) Any insight, websites, recommended reading would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks.


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Jun 10, 2004
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You should be able to find some threads on here that discuss this.

But, in short, a number of residencies and many fellowships will give you the opportunity to acquire a MPH, and will pay for it. I don't know any easy way to find out what specific ones other than just spending some time on the internet/making phone calls when you apply for residencies in a year+.

As for job opportunities, if you want to stay in practice, it means going for an academic position at a university or insitution that does a lot of policy/epi research. Oregon Health Sciences University, UCLA, and Johns Hopkins are some that come to mind...

If you don't need to stay in practice, you can probably expand your job options to include stuff like DHHS...