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Jan 2, 2017
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Hello guys, I have recently been considering MSW at the University of Maryland because I want to take the LCSW route to directly start doing psychotherapy. Now the problem is that I don’t have much work experience..I have only volunteered at Johns Hopkins Hospital twice and shadowed a doctor. I guess the volunteer work at JHH can be considered social work experience because I was helping out patients. However, for the recommendation letter I have lost contact with the supervisor. The only references that I seem to have at the moment are the professors from psychology and biology departments (since I majored in those). Do you guys think that would work fine if I were to ask only the professors for recommendation letters? Also, if accepted, I won’t start school until Fall 2018 and I want to get some social work type experience before that, but I am having a really hard time finding jobs. What should I do in order to get some good experience..what type of work? (Also some background info, I was a pre-med..didn’t get accepted into med schools and there is a slight possibility I might try applying to med schools again after my masters. For this reason I keep looking for clinical or research work so it may benefit me later. I am an immigrant and did not attend high school in the US. I was not raised here and I think this is the main reason I am struggling so much with something that seems to come naturally to most people. I don’t know where to look for opportunities and actually get a job. Btw my school is a horrible place to look. I have tried and just end up really confused everytime. I shall be grateful if any of you can help guide me a little. I feel so helpless.)