1. N

    Messed up my ERAS for fellowship

    P.S. I did try looking up similar issues in this thread but failed to find them. Apparently, there was a mistake during saving my previous work experiences (not much prior to residency as I was a fresh graduate) previous work experience included 2 away electives during med school and 3 away...
  2. 2

    2024 ERAS Change: limit of 10 experiences

    For 2024 residency applicants will only be able to list 10 experiences and select 3 most meaningful. What do people think about this change? In general I think it's a good change so that people aren't padding CVs with things like single day volunteer experiences, but there's the added headache...
  3. DaGingerbreadman

    Is Experience Abroad worth it?

    Hello all, This is my first post on this type of platform, lemme know if its not tagged properly or in the wrong place or somn. I just graduated from undergrad bio/premed in the states. For the last three years I've been resident in England. I'm a dual citizen. My initial plan was to attend...
  4. S

    How bad is it that I didn’t do anything during the summers of college and don’t have a lot of entries to put for the AMCAS?

    It’s too late to change anything bc I already graduated but I wanted to hear opinions! I didn’t do anything the summers of my college years. Most of my clinical, volunteer and shadowing comes from my two gap years that I’m taking now. People might ask why and it was because I was helping my...
  5. J

    Is it possible to get accepted into physical therapy school?? How can I fix my undergraduate cumulative GPA after graduating college??

    I am about to be a junior this Fall and my GPA is currently 2.7. I was in college thinking a lot about my major and I was undecided with what I wanted to do but I recently decided that I was interested in PT school and becoming a physical therapist. My current major is actually undecided for now...
  6. M

    Clinical Experience

    Hi, I'm a rising Junior and I have realized I have NO clinical experience whatsoever. While yes COVID affected me from Spring of Freshman year to this date and medical schools might be understanding, I believe I owe it to myself to be hands-on in a clinical environment which shows me what I love...
  7. sailboatgorilla

    Pre-Med Job Advice

    Hello everyone! This is my first time using this site as I am a freshman undergrad student currently. I was just seeking advice on which job option I should pursue for the upcoming semester. Here are my two options and thoughts on both: a) work on one of my biology professor's research projects...
  8. BaDing

    School List Advice (MD and DO)

    Hello! I was hoping to get some feedback on my list of schools. I haven’t used SDN before and after reading some I’m now getting a little nervous. Ill give some of my stats in case it matters, but I’m primarily interested in the schools, their reputation, any red flag schools, things like...
  9. R

    Should I Obtain a Medical Assistant Certification?

    I am an undergraduate non-traditional senior (B.A. in Computer Science). My overall GPA is 3.85, science GPA is 4.0 as I’m taking my prerequisites, I have 17 hours of clinical volunteering, and I was just hired as a medical scribe (job title is “Medical Assistant”) for a psychiatry/neurology...
  10. C

    Experience as Counselor vs Research Experience

    I have several questions about getting into a PhD program: 1) I’m close to finishing my Bachelor’s in Human Services with a concentration in Substance Abuse Counseling. In quite a few states, after a year or two of supervision, I will be able to qualify for Substance Abuse Counselor credentials...
  11. sherer1

    AMCAS Activities Section Template (Google Sheets)

    I made this to prewrite my activities section, I hope it helps you too. Color-coded yellow for most meaningful experiences. Google Sheets - AMCAS EXPERIENCES TEMPLATE
  12. D

    Two-Minute Pre-Med Student Experience Survey!

    Hey there guys! I hope y'all are all doing great in these weird times. I'm working on an Honors Thesis Project aimed at discussing how to maximize your undergraduate experience as a Pre-medical student and it would mean a lot to me if you guys could fill out this quick 2-minute survey about your...
  13. M

    Temple (OOS) vs. UDM vs. UMD (OOS) vs. UK (OOS)

    In terms of clinical experience, out of Temple, Maryland, Detroit-Mercy, and University of Kentucky which would be at the top and what makes them special? Do they schedule their own patients? Place implants? Have their own chair? Each schools individual requirements? If current dental students...
  14. StephieC20

    Junior Undergrad Seeking Advice and WAMC for applying next cycle!

    Hello all! I wanted to share my experiences and stats and hear from you all about how you think my standing is for applying next cycle and what I could do to improve my chances! Thank you in advance to those who reply! My cumulative gpa is at 3.94, I’m not sure on where my last 45 credits gpa...
  15. R

    My volunteer position at a hospice has zero medical/clinical tasks for me. Should I volunteer somewhere else?

    I'm putting in about 40 hours a month. First of all, I'm really enjoying my work -emotionally rough as it often is- ,and I have been told by my patients that they're grateful for my help. I'll continue seeing the patients I have as long as they want me to. The problem is that I'm only allowed...
  16. ZZ801832

    AVC ℅ 2023 hopefuls

    Couldn't find a thread so figured I'd start it! Second round applying here, I feel like my application is much stronger this year but I'm still lacking vet experience hours. We'll see how it goes I guess!
  17. T

    Partook in overseas volunteering as a naive sophomore, do I include?

    I volunteered overseas as sophomore, and I actually think the experience was very beneficial. We did not partake in any medical procedures, instead we helped set up medical clinics and did other tasks such as helping the on-site pharmacist organize drugs and run a tooth-brushing station for...
  18. P

    Clinical Experience

    Someone brought to my attention recently that med schools generally want clinical volunteering over paid clinical work -- does anyone know the accuracy to this? I have gotten a paid job as basically a CNA, so would this fulfill the unwritten clinical requirement (even though it is not...
  19. P

    Improving application for next cycle

    Hey guys i'm a foreign trained dentist who graduated in 2017. I came to the US right after and applied to the 2018 cycle in which I got 2 interviews but no acceptance. I started off volunteering at a dental office for a month and then started working as a DA and have been working as one ever...
  20. P

    Step 3 Day 1

    Step 3 Day 1- Day 2 in two days I am looking for someone to either let me know that I am like everyone else or if I did worse than I should have. Mostly looking for how people felt during their experience. To make a long story short...6 blocks. The first 2 blocks were very hard for some...
  21. D

    do I need more ECs - volunteering, clinical shadowing, and community services

    First of all, thanks all for takign the time to read my post and sharing your thoughts. already have ... - 150 hours of clinical volunteerting across multiple departments - ER, nuclear medicine, and cath lab - a decade old experience; 300 hours serving in-need children and orphans in a...
  22. D

    Should I list DO experiences in AMCAS application and or allopathic secondaries?

    I'm trying to get a DO shadowing in a month or so and finish it before applying to medical next spring. I'm trying to decide whether I should I list this experience on my AMCAS next year.
  23. Meisbad

    Clinical Experience

    I was recently offered a position as a medical assistant in a medical clinic for internal medicine. Although most medical assistants have certification, or an associates degree for this specialty, I was able to get it without either. This job includes maintaining patient records, conducting...
  24. TheOnlinePharmacist

    What are some of the biggest mistakes I can make in my first year (P1) of pharmacy school?

    Title says it all. I've been really stressed out ever since I started early last week, and I found a few google links to answer this question, but they were all generic mistakes that I already know not to do. I think some people on here can give me actual valuable answers from real experience...
  25. Hartroc

    Psych Hospital PT Clinic as Clinical Experience

    Hey all! I'm brand new here and signed up specifically to ask this question regarding my clinical exposure (though I'm impressed by this community and will probably stick around). I take the MCAT and begin applying to schools next year. In the meantime, I volunteer in the physical therapy...
  26. Hartroc

    Psych Hospital PT Clinic as Clinical Experience

    Hey all! I'm brand new here and signed up specifically to ask this question regarding my clinical exposure (though I'm impressed by this community and will probably stick around). I take the MCAT and begin applying to schools next year. In the meantime, I volunteer in the physical therapy...
  27. A

    How many vet exp. hours do you work a year, in pre-vet

    just on average.
  28. R

    OAT Experience 8/17/2018

    I promised myself if I got a good score on the test that I'd post one of these since they helped me so much. I'm pretty happy with my score so here it is. My Scores (Achiever/OAT): Biology: 340/400 Gen Chem: 370/400 O Chem: 370/350 Reading: 300/340 Physics: 300/390 QR: 320/400 TS: 360/400 AA...
  29. A

    so vet experience. . .

    I'm currently a sophomore and have no vet experience. Last year I dual enrolled full-time, but I had a lot of classes and had a hard time keeping up. I also couldn't drive. Anyway, what's considered a solid amount of hours? How many hours do pre-vet students typically work a year? How do I...
  30. P

    extracurricular hours

    Hi everyone! just wondering, what is considered the base amount of hours of experience shadowing, volunteering (both clinical/nonclinical), research, and paid clinical work? I am under the impression around: shadowing: 60 hrs clinical vol: 200 hrs nonclin vol: 150 hrs research: not "required"...
  31. G

    Question about specialty - psychiatry

    hi, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this. Anyway, I am curious about psychiatry. I am in undergrad right now, and psych is an interest of mine. What is it like? I know that is broad but any info or experiences about encounters is psych rotation would be great. Also, I’d love to...
  32. A

    How do I get the experience for my application?

    I just don't know where to start. Can someone give me a play by play of how I get a hold of these oppurtunities.
  33. G

    AACOMAS Experiences Question

    Hello, I'm new here! I was filling out the AACOMAS activities section by translating experiences from my AMCAS app. I was wondering if anybody could lend their experience on 2 questions I had: 1. I had an entry in AMCAS called "Short-Term Collegiate Experience" which practically was a misc...
  34. P

    Current PY4 witnessing grad-interns not getting hired. Need Advice!

    Hey everyone! I would first like to thank the SDN community as I have been on these forums for years but this will be my first time posting. As we all know, job market for pharmacy sucks and hours are getting cut left and right. I knew this when I started pharmacy school in 2015, and my strategy...
  35. hopeful_vet2026

    Working on VMCA app...looking for advice!

    Hello! I am currently working on my first cycle application to 2 different programs and have some questions, would love some advice, just to feel like I'm submitting the best application that I can. Here is some info about me: I'm a non-traditional student (a 32 year old mother of 2) who has...
  36. M

    Classification of Volunteer Leadership

    Hi Everyone, I currently hold an unpaid leadership role within a rare disease non-profit (which I assume is "non-clinical" although medically-related). Without imparting too much information, my role is managerial and may help to provide previously unknown data related to this disease. To...
  37. prehealthboi

    Experience post dental school?

    Hello, I am a prospective dental student and have been on the pre-med/pre-dental fence for a while now. I am going to start shadowing a general dentist next week but after doing some research on dentistry, I am starting to consider some other factors as in the demand and lifestyle of a general...
  38. N

    AADSAS 2018 Achievements or Experience Section?

    My freshman year, I was part of a program, specifically a Talent Advanced Program, in my honors college, where I lived with other bio majors and got to take two honors biology classes with that group of people as well as a seminar where different professors would come in to talk about their...
  39. W

    Gap year

    Hi! I am soon going to be a junior in college and am planning on taking a gap year the year after I graduate to get more experience and work on my application. I read that applications must be in the fall before you would attend Vet school, so my question is: would this mean I only have the...
  40. E

    Clinical Volunteering Question

    Long story short - due to my circumstances in college (family financial struggles, having to graduate early, etc.) I was unable to have a clinical volunteer position during school. I have 300+ hours of non-clinical volunteering that I am extremely passionate about but technically no clinical...