My friend has two years of pass/fail grades but a 99% MCAT, what advice should I be giving them?

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Mar 19, 2021
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I am an MS-2 and I have a friend who just got his MCAT score back. They are in the 99% (not sure of the exact number). They thought they were going to do another career halfway through Undergrad and after taking a gap year, they did two years of only doing classes as a "pass" during covid times. They then decided to go back to into medicine and focused on ECs. They have some research/volunteering/working/etc and did a year of postbacc classes for a grade (all As). I am not sure the classes but I would say its no more than 8.

Given this unusual situation, what is the direction of advice I should give them?

Thank you and good luck to those applying!

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Is this related to COVID? If so they have nothing to worry about, we know colleges did weird things during the pandemic that he’s not responsible for.

Even if not related, probably fine since they did post bacc classes and presumably did well in them
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If any of the prereqs are included in those "pass" grades, most schools only accept pass grades for prereqs during the Spring 2020 semester. MSAR will tell you which schools.
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It's only unusual because your friend decided to take the MCAT without an application plan. Have this person post on their own behalf because it's futile to give more specific advice than above.

The clock is ticking, and the score's value will expire after 3 years for many schools.
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Only courses with letter grades will factor into the GPA. The GPA, with the MCAT form the basis for the initial evaluation of the application with activities, essays, and letters rounding out the pre-interview assessment and then the interview adding or subtracting from one's chances of admission.

Your friend should determine GPA, take a look at the MSAR and run everything through WARS and/or make an account here and post in the What are My Chances forum.
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