Should I clarify my post-II update with my SMP grades?

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Feb 12, 2024
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Hi, I have two interviews this cycle, one of which I completed last week. I asked if they accepted updates for my app (I just completed the first semester of an SMP which I did relatively well in - 3.6 GPA) and they welcomed it. I promptly emailed their office on Friday with an attachment of my unofficial transcript of my grades this semester, along with explanation saying "These are my grades from my first semester in my Master's program at X school).

However, I did not clarify that this was an accelerated program, so now I'm concerned the adcom may assume that I am in my first semester of a 2-year program, potentially thinking that I won't be able to attend until my program is done (or that I'll have to drop out of it). Am I just being neurotic? Additionally, this is an SMP at another prominent in-state medical school, and there have been past students of my SMP that have attended the school I've interviewed at. So, perhaps the adcom already knows about my program. I just wonder if it's worth emailing the admissions person I've been in contact with again tonight to clarify that my program is a 1-year program and that I'll be done by the time med school starts. Or would that just be a nuisance/unnecessary addition to my update? Thanks.

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