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    DIY post bacc timeline help

    Hello, I’ll try and lay everything out, so you can get a good idea of where I’m at. I got my bachelors in a science field which only included the basic prereqs. GenChem, GenPhys1, biology1&2 etc. I got around a 3.0 for cGPA and sGPA. Did good freshman year did bad sophomore and junior, then...
  2. R

    Do I have a chance to apply this year? Or should I consider something else?

    Should I even attempt to apply to medical school: 7 years as an LPN, 3.0 GPA B.S. in Biology, 1 resolved DUI on record, and an army veteran? The dui clinical founding was that I don’t have a drug/alcohol problem. Please advise , I feel hopeless and trying to figure out how and if to move forward.
  3. C

    Non traditional premed have many options and can’t decide

    Hi, i really need some advice and help. I am in FL. I am an icu nurse less than 1 year and wanted to became a crna. However after working as an icu nurse, I didn't like it. I have tried to figure out something else to do. Now I have 3 options and it has been very difficult for me to decide. 1...
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical Premed Confidential: The Wisdom of Journaling

    In a minute, I’m going to provide some rock-solid advice that, if experience is any guide, you’ll ignore. You’ll ignore it even though, on some level, you suspect it’s sound advice that would boost the odds of your being admitted to medical school, if only you would act on it. So I’m going to...
  5. Bulliedinschool2doc

    My friend has two years of pass/fail grades but a 99% MCAT, what advice should I be giving them?

    I am an MS-2 and I have a friend who just got his MCAT score back. They are in the 99% (not sure of the exact number). They thought they were going to do another career halfway through Undergrad and after taking a gap year, they did two years of only doing classes as a "pass" during covid times...
  6. T

    Advice on how to strengthen application (Rising Junior)

    I am a current sophomore, graduating in Spring 2025 and planning on applying the summer after my graduation (so 1 gap year). Advisors haven't been very helpful, so I'm looking for places to improve my app to help my chances State: FL Demographics: URM/Black/Male/FGLI GPA: 3.98 sGPA: 3.97 (A-...
  7. P

    WAMC: cGPA 3.77 sGPA 3.54 but no upward trend

    Hello everyone, I hope y'all are doing well. I am a senior Public Health major applying for med school EY 2024. I wanted see if anyone has some insight to offer regarding my chances for admission into Texas Medical Schools. I am a resident of Texas. Some background: I entered college as a...
  8. F

    WAMC 3.4 cGPA, 3.2 sGPA & 517 MCAT -Nontraditional, EC Heavy Applicant

    Hey Everyone! I will be applying for the 2024/2025 cycle as I need to get a year of salary before hopefully entering med school. In addition, I know my GPA is pretty low and my MCAT is pretty good in comparison and that is just due to the time I allocated for both. I plan on retaking some...
  9. juiscurious

    Is it okay to shadow RN or NP for medical school.

    Hi, I am a pre-med college student that is looking to start shadowing soon. I was wondering if it would be appropriate to maybe shadow one or two RN’s or NP’s along with doctors. Y/N and please explain your answer. Thank you!!
  10. Monica Ahedor

    WAMC 4.0/502/URM University of Oklahoma

    Hi! I know this sounds dumb, but I am only applying to the University of Oklahoma this cycle. I have a scholarship from them that pays for 2.5 years of my tuition. If I get rejected this cycle, I will apply again (because I will still have my scholarship) and apply to other schools as well, but...
  11. Z

    M.D. in Texas with 3.45 GPA undergrad?

    Hello! I was wondering if I am a hopeless M.D. applicant with my stats! I am URM (Hispanic ) I have a 3.45 GPA with a strong uptrend for my undergrad (except for OCHEM 1 where I got a C :( ) I am currently doing an SMP in Biomedical Sciences and do think I will finish with a 3.8 or above. I am...
  12. D

    Reinvention Advice

  13. S

    School List Suggestions and Disclaimers?

    MCAT 511 (130-123-129-129) GPA 3.83 English as a secondary language background Teaching Assistant - 3 semesters, nonclinical volunteer - 150, research in total - 600~ Clinical Experience - 300hr as PCT, shadowing (10) upcoming 20hr hopefully Pretty bummed about my CARS score but hopefully...
  14. R

    How do you recommend making a list of medical schools to apply to?

    If I am interested in pursuing competitive surgical specialties, how should I go about curating my list of medical schools to apply to? What would you recommend while researching these schools? Which ones do you recommend for me? Thank you, I really appreciate your help.
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    Are there options to gain experience shadowing in 2022? Every doctor is making excuses based on COVID.
  17. K

    Free Premedical Event

    Hi everyone! KAMSA (Korean American Medical Student Association) from the Medical College of Georgia is hosting a premedical online event on May 14th from 10AM-2PM. This event is targeted for premedical students hoping to learn more about different medical specialties, medical student...
  18. P

    Reapply vs Postbacc/Special Masters

    Hello! I applied this past cycle (2021-2022) and did not get any interviews. I'm a CA applicant who graduated from UC with Psychology BS. I completed majority of my science classes at a local CC while working multiple jobs since I decided to pursue medicine late in my junior year of college...
  19. Z

    Will an SMP help me get an M.D. interview in Texas?

    Hello! I am wondering if an SMP would help my chances of getting an MD interview (Texas) I graduated with a 3.51 GPA and entered post-bacc to finish pre-med pre-reqs and got destroyed by ochem 1 with a C-.. that dropped my GPA to 3.47 and I am currently retaking it with a different professor...
  20. H

    New York Post Bacc -School Advice

    Hi all. Wanted to post on here to see if I could squeeze out any information regarding SUNY post baccs. I am applying for the fall to SUNY Farmingdale, SUNY Old Westbury and SUNY Purchase to their post bacc programs. Does anyone have any information regarding the listed schools and/or their...
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    Hello everyone! I need some advice as I don't know what I'm doing with my life LOL In a fourth-year student, and I will graduate in April from my undergrad in Biology. I have applied to some graduate programs, and I have been accepted for an MPH (one year program) I also applied to Irish...
  22. Round786

    Just want to confirm my thoughts!

    Hello! I've been ghosting the pre-med community for a couple weeks and would like to confirm what I have so far! This is the list I have formulated about the various factors in a Medical School's decision, from most important to least: 1. GPA: -DO Schools are more rewarding to a rising trend...
  23. Sage of Pale Bones

    How accurate is this statement for DO reapplications:

    "Assuming you didn't get in anywhere previously, schools will only know whether you are reapplying to their program, but not others. Moreover, they can only see your previous application if they saved it in their database. However, med schools to which you are applying for the first time will...
  24. T

    Can someone please help me decide between a FT clinical vs research opportunity?

    Hello everyone, First and foremost: thank you for taking the time to read my post and help me out. I am a 28 YO nontrad. I spent the past year scribing in an emergency department and I LOVED IT! My experience prompted me to start in a premedical post bacc program, in which I am in the second...
  25. D

    Any suggestions on what to do if it’s too late to take premed and also can’t afford post-bacc?

    I am senior, I was planning to on delaying graduation to Spring 2023 to take pre-medicine classes for medical school. My university had said that I would qualify for federal aid still since I didn’t use all 150% of aids but I recently found out I was misinformed by the financial aid office. So...
  26. O

    Crestfallen and unsure of what to do

  27. Irene Mariam

    Forensic science as pre med

    I'm planning on choosing BSc Forensics as my premed in Canada. Do you think there's any scope for it there in case I don't get into med school? Will a Masters in Forensics help me land a stable job with a stable income?
  28. N

    Summer session courses: count in GPA during application year?

    Basically, since I'm applying for this upcoming cycle, would the courses I take over the summer (summer '22) also be counted in the GPA calculations even though I'd be (ideally) submitting my app by early June (prior to summer courses finishing)? Would I send an update about the grades after the...
  29. N

    sGPA vs. cGPA: How big can the difference be? What's competitive?

    I know that MCAT plays a huge role, but I was wondering about how it would look if cGPA is abt 3.85 and sGPA is 3.65 (for a non-science major)? Would the difference between the cGPA and sGPA be a concern to ADCOMS? Would that sGPA even be considered competitive for top schools? Thanks in...
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    I got the help I needed! Thank you so much all!
  31. D

    Should I delay graduation or do a premed post bacc program?

    Hi. My college career has been quite insane, in my opinion but I am finally able to take premed courses but the problem is that I am a senior. So, I am thinking of delaying my graduation by a year in order to complete the necessary premed courses because I can have financial aid and grants. My...
  32. G

    Premed Black Student Research -Seeking Participants

    If you’re a premed undergraduate Black male student, I would love to speak with you. I am a doctoral student conducting research on the premed experience of Black males. My focus is to understand how these experiences influence you to stay or leave the premed track. Participation would involve a...
  33. G

    Premed Student Research Study

    If you’re a premed undergraduate Black male student, I would love to speak with you. I am a doctoral student conducting research on the premed experience of Black males. My focus is to understand how these experiences influence you to stay or leave the premed track. Participation would involve a...
  34. G

    Is it Worth It?

    Hello, I am a sophomore pre-medical student and I was wondering whether if would be unrealistic for me to continue on this pre-med track. Freshman year, due to a general state of depression and indecisiveness regarding my career choice wrecked havoc on my grades, especially during the second...
  35. H

    Biochemistry grade

    I just received a C in my summer Biochemistry 1 course and don’t know what to do. I was on a upward trend in my gpa and now it’s ruined. I’m a senior in college with a 3.34 cumulative gpa (did not do well freshman year) and I’m not sure how to handle this situation. I don’t even want to know my...
  36. M

    Clinical Experience

    Hi, I'm a rising Junior and I have realized I have NO clinical experience whatsoever. While yes COVID affected me from Spring of Freshman year to this date and medical schools might be understanding, I believe I owe it to myself to be hands-on in a clinical environment which shows me what I love...
  37. M

    Advice On Shadowing Doctors

    Good day, I promise I'll make this short and worth your time. My name is Hayley. I'm a rising junior and I'm on the pre-med pathway. It has been a rough year with the pandemic and opportunities and challenged but I'm making it work. I have a quick question because I appreciate the input of...
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  39. Anonymous0920

    Dual Enrollment/Medical School Question

    Hey guys, I'm about to go into my junior year of high school, and will end up with enough credits to graduate early, but I could also take free online dual enrollment courses with a community college my senior year. The thing is I want to go to college as a Premed(probably a biology or chemistry...
  40. 2

    Help me pick a college for premed: Loyola vs UIUC vs UMichigan

    Hi everyone, I am interested in pursuing medicine as a career. As a high school senior, I am trying to pick a college for premed track. Which of these colleges will increase my likelihood in getting accepted into a medical school? -Loyola University, Chicago, IL -University of Illinois...