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My rough Step 1 study plan


Senior Member
10+ Year Member
Jan 20, 2005
Here is a rough plan of what i plan on doing for prep for step 1. 1. I plan on studying slowly through spring semester so that im ready for the intense prep schedule the 30 days before the exam.

Materials: FA, USMLE World, RR Path, RR phys, RR micro/immuno, Kaplan Behavioral science, HY CMB 99 edition, HY neuro, maybe something for anatomy/pharm (road map?)

Day 0: NBME exam
Day 1-3- HY CMB/Biochem
Day 4-7- RR Phys
Day 8-10- RR Micro/Immuno
Day 9-14- RR Path
Day 15- NBME exam
Day 16-17- HY neuro
Day 18-20- Pharm
Day 21-22- Anatomy,embryo
Day 23-24- Kaplan Behavioral
Day 25- NBME
Day 26-31- Review based upon weaknesses from last NBME exam
Day 32- Test.

There will be 3 off days in the schedule to get me to a complete 5 week prep time. Will start with 50 USMLE World questions a day and progress to 100 or so a day toward the end of prep. Will go through FA along with my prep. Any suggestions?
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10+ Year Member
7+ Year Member
Jul 8, 2004
I always laughed at the people in my class who spent hours upon hours making schedules rather than actually studying. Don't fall into that trap. Just study as much as you can, do as many USMLEworld questions as possible, and memorize/understand every word in First Aid.
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