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Apr 28, 2002
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Ok, I know you guys are all going to make fun of me for this... but I was reading in one of the threads that one student got asked by Johns Hopkins in an interview to give one 4-letter word to describe him/her.

Well, that question really scared me because I could't think of anything... so I searched google and found this marvelous website were you can get all kinds of words fitting strange requirements like "4-letter," "3-letter," "beginning with Q," etc...

Check it out... you might want to give it a glance before an interview.
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May 26, 2002
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lol, i just posted about this in another thread...i had a friend who actually got asked this. He couldn't think of any good four-letter words to say, so he said "umm...nice?"

the interviewer silently scribbled something down.

later he stopped and said, "wait, can I change it? I want to say, 'open'" The interview thought a moment, and said, "No, can't change it now."

He didn't get into that school - although the interview might not be the only reason.

some good ones i can think of: (note: they don't specify ADJECTIVES) you can desribe yourself with a noun if it fits.

-will (as in, willpower)
-hope (as in, optimistic)
-duty (as in, committment)
-love (as in, compassion)

see? it's not as hard if you (to use a phrase I hate) "think outside the box" ;)

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Aug 10, 2000
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dope, phat, poor, rich, kind, ruff, tuff, buff, tall, ugly, left, ball, nosy, cozy, high, sick

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