Hello Everybody,

I am writing this post as a thank to all the posts I read during my preparation and wait time.

1. Complete the application with board as soon you can, if you have to transfer hours FROM ANOTHER STATE it may take more time. For me it took almost 8-10 weeks to get my ATT.
2. Preperation-
a. Books- I used APHA but most people use Rx prep: and some of my school notes for Infectious disease, psych and renal as I was more familiar with them but I reviewed all the chapters from APHA. I made notes for each topic which included first line therapy for diseases, name of medications, main side effects, dosing conversions if any and helped me memorize the stand out drugs of a class.
b. Other resources- For calculations I used SDN- HERE IS THE LINK
- Quizlets were a great help I did as many quizlets as possible
3. My focus of study - it was on brand generic as I was not so strong at that, OCT medications and herbs, HIV and main side effects of medications and monitoring parameters for most common drugs.
4. Time- I studied for 6 weeks but 4 was enough :)

In my experience NAPLEX was not very hard that you can fail but still it needs little bit of specifics like which drugs stands out inn a particular class e.g most antibiotics are renally dosed so which ones are not. I finished my test 16 minutes before time. I think calculations should be looked upon to save time during actual test, however you can do them easily anyways.
5. Result- I got in 10 days

1. Books- Everything for NAPLEX plus Wiseman Law book.
2, Other resources- Quizlets were a great help I love them, specially IV-PO conversion although its not comprehensive but you can make your list too. Other than that from this blog I read that it is more hospital style exam so focused more on drug stability, so if you study well for NAPLEX, CPJE needs just law more which was very easy believe me.
3. Time-I took mine on 9 days after NAPLEX so studied for 7-8 days or less. It was the Wiseman book and revision of my notes.
4. Result- I got mine in 16 days.
And it is true that the green paper means you passed which you can see without opening the envelope.
CPJE is certainly hard but straight forward.
All the best


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Sep 28, 2010
I took the CPJE in September, thought it was brutal and knew I got at least 15 wrong. However, seems like the scale was easy and still pulled off an 84. Which is funny because it's higher than my naplex score....
Oct 27, 2014
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How do you advise one to prepare for the clinical portion of the CPJE, I am taking my naplex on Nov 3, and the CPJE on nov 10, and I'm extremely worried about the CPJE.

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Jul 23, 2014
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For CPJE, I did IV to PO conversion given in Quizlets, renal dosing for most common drugs including antibiotics, diuretics, cardio drugs and monitoring parameters. Just do the Quizlets as many and as much possible but if you are sure of your answer and quizlets says something else, double check as some answers there are wrong. Try to know brand names it can help in many ways directly or indirectly.

Good luck
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