Aug 17, 2012
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Hi sdn community,

My MCAT is currently scheduled for 9/1/16, and I am in my final phase of studying. I have content review completed for the most past - I just need to review over several topics over the next few weeks (as well as going over the AAMC content guideline). In terms of FLs I have taken NS diagnostic (505), Kaplan 1 (503)/2 (505) and EK 1 (66%, 67%, 71%, 71%)/2 (67%, 65%, 81%, 80%). I plan on taking FL EK 3/4, NS 4 or 5, and AAMC unscored/scored.

I have not started on any of the AAMC material (Q pack/Q bank) but plan to do as asap. My main concern is if it is worth the time to do the physics/chemistry Q packs with the limited time I have? Also, my lowest scores usually seem to be on the CARS section - should I focus mainly on the AAMC verbal Q packs?

In regards to the structure of the month, should I do the AAMC Q pack/Q bank first then the NS/EK FLs or the other way around? (AAMC FLs are going to be at the end)

Any other recommendations?

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Mar 23, 2014
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Do CARS everyday, section banks, and a FL every week. Since time is limited, ditch the q-packs (except CARS).