need advice incoming sophmore.

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Jul 13, 2011
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Hi all, I'm andrea, I'm new here and need advice, I hope I'm posting in the right section. I'm going to be a sophomore at UW-Madison and am wanting to go the pre-PA or pre-Med route. I've wanted to be a doctor since forever but chemistry has always scared me away. I started school being pre-med but took a variety of gen-eds and as of the end of freshman year I decided to do a merchandising/consumer science major, but am not happy and keep coming back to medicine. The thing is I had a hard time buckling down last year and got two all A's and B's, but the problem is I got a C and two D's in my highest credit classes being econ, and a math course :( I have never been strong in math and am wondering if because of this, could I even do a pre-med/PA major or am I doomed with a 2.5 gpa? Chem has always scared me but I don't want to let one subject steer me away from what I want. Senior year of high school I volunteered in the surgery unit at a local hospital and loved it, I have a close relative who is a PA that I plan on shadowing; also one of my doctors is an alumni of UW so I could also look to her for advice.
--I'm feeling down about my gpa/ scared for chem...any advice would be greatly appreciated!:oops:
Thanks, Drea :)

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You'll have to look elsewhere for pre-PA advice, but you're in the right place for pre-MD or DO advice.

All MD and DO schools won't require Calculus, but you will need some college math and/or Statistics. Chemistry is also required for both. One is generally judged by cumulative GPA and science GPA, which includes math for MD schools, but not for DO schools. A few borderline grades don't kill your chances. You can retake a course if the grade is too low (and the DO application service will only include the most recent, if credits are the same or greater). If you get enough As in other areas, then the negative effect of Ds on your cGPA will be washed out.

Med school Math requirements:

Consider getting a tutor for math and Chemistry, and perhaps taking a low courseload at the same time to have plenty of study time for your most challenging subjects.

You do need to master the Chemistry, as the Med School Application test includes that material. You'll need OChem and Biochem eventually as well, so best to figure out good study strategies right off. And ask for help if you need it. Profs have office hours for that purpose.

You have plenty of time to get your cGPA back up into the competitive range. Average entering DO student has a cGPA of 3.47, and for MD it's 3.67.