WAMC: 3.73 cGPA (2 semesters to go), 508 MCAT, first gen low income

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Jan 1, 2020
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My cGPA is a 3.73 with 2 semesters remaining of senior year (looking good so far), sGPA is 3.57 due to a C in physics, so with 11 credits of science this semester that'll definitely be raised over 3.6. I have majority As, one B, two Cs, and a few A-s scattered in. I'm a philosophy major.

My MCAT score is a 508 with a (126/129/124/129) breakdown.

I'm white, designated female but living as a male.

Volunteering: 380 hours total. I did about 10 hours in a hospital before COVID shut the program down, 220 as a volunteer public health intern, 64 at a women's clinic, 40 at the Trevor Project, 45 for my school's disability center, and currently volunteering for the 2022 Trans Survey. All of these were done for a minimum 5 months, some spanning over a year.

Clinical: 1185 as a CNA and then a medical assistant. Started in Sept 2020 and currently still doing it.

Paid non-clin: 250 as a sexual health educator and I have a leadership position on the oversight board of the org. Since Spring 2022 and still doing it.

Research: 235 hours in 3 departments, one co-author publication, one pending. Since Sept 2021, still doing.

Shadowing: 24 total in 2 very different specialties, first did it in Spring 2020 and again this year. Have 2 docs in 2 other specialties lined up.

Other: I serve on the sexual assault survivor services advisory board on my campus, was part of a crowd-editing project to edit First Aid for the USMLE's Step One book for inclusive language, I serve on a board to improve our gender neutral bathroom signage on campus, and I have been part of 2 clubs. I plan on 1 gap year after graduation (so, applying this spring after graduation).

Awards: Dean's list 2 semesters, [redacted] scholar for leadership, service, and scholarship, independent English department award.

I feel like it is relevant to mention that I am a first generation student and low-income. I'm crafting my narrative about my passion for health equity and will likely mention how my LGBT identity plays into that. I want to go into FM. My story involves a lot of adversity because I am a GED graduate who came from a very abusive home where college was basically just a dream. I've been working since I was 16 and have only had myself to rely on throughout college. I have one W on my transcript because I suffer from migraines and had a bad semester health-wise.

Tentative school list: U of Illinois, U of Maryland, U of Minnesota, U of Missouri, U of Washington, U of WI, Wayne State, Drexel, George Washington U, Georgetown, Indiana U, U of Buffalo, Temple, MCW, Rush, Thomas Jeff. U, SUNY Downstate, and U of Kansas. More to come, would love suggestions.

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Describe your networking and what you are looking for in a medical school community.
Sure! My networking is mostly at one school. One of their ex- admissions committee members was a professor of mine and we're quite close. Even went to her house for Thanksgiving. I can expect a very strong LOR from her. Additionally, my ex- PI is now the chair of a department at another medical institution in the same region of the country and has encouraged me to apply there. I do a lot of work with the residents at the hospitals in my city and I still regularly talk to both the doctors I've shadowed. I'm currently in touch with another doctor who I will shadow in the future when restrictions are lifted (this is a different hospital than any of the others), and we keep in touch every few months over email.

As far as what I'm looking for in a medical school community, ideally one that is not too cutthroat and has an overall collaborative atmosphere. Ideally, the school would be in a more progressive location (I'm okay with blue cities in seas of red, though) because honestly, I don't have the energy to deal with constant overt homophobia. Of course, I want there to be lots of research opportunities. I'd be over the moon if the school was known for having a very empowered FM residency program. I've noticed and had discussions with faculty about the fact that some are better about giving their FM residents full depth, especially in obstetrics. I'd also like it if classmates were interested in volunteering and service learning like I am.
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I suggest these schools with your stats:
U Wisconsin
Medical College Wisconsin
Oakland Beaumont
Wayne State
Rosalind Franklin
Eastern Virginia
George Washington
Penn State
New York Medical College
Also apply to DO schools and I suggest these:
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