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Discussion in 'PM&R' started by GP Mommy, Nov 19, 2002.

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    Nov 19, 2002
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    I would appreciate any help from UT San Antonio PM&R residents.

    Here is the story:
    I went to med school on an Air Force scholarship. I decided during 3rd yr that I wanted to do PM&R. I also chose to do my internship in internal med.

    Half way through my 4th yr of med school, the Air Force told me I had to do my internship with them, which was fine. But, they also said they did not need PM&R physicians. So....I had two options:

    1. either do general practice for 4 yrs after internship to pay off my commitment to them and then go do a civilian PM&R residency

    2. or change to a specialty the Air Force was in need of.

    I decided I really wanted to stick with PM&R (despite pressure from my wonderful Wilford Hall medicine attendings to switch to internal medicine). I completed my internship in internal medicine at Wilford Hall. Worked as a general practice physician for 4 yrs at Lackland AFB. Now I am out of the military and free to apply to civilian programs.

    I now have a toddler and would like to stay home with her for a year or two before going back to residency. My husband works in San Antonio and after being here for 5 yrs now, we are kind of settled in so I would like to do my residency here. I thought it might be good to use this time off to find out more about the San Antonio program.

    Are there any weekly/monthly conferences that I could attend to get more familiar with the program, faculty, and residents?

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    PM me, I'll give the appropriate names and info for who you need to talk to.

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