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Aug 31, 2015
Ok i have a serious problem and i need some advice.
I am a canadian citizen interested in applying to US dental schools. I know quiet a few of my canadian friends with a gpa of 3.5 who were accepted to detroit mercy, and also one in Minnesota, so it is possible.
Now, my concern is my low gpa. It is below a 3.0 but MOST of my pre req courses are As and Bs. The problem is that in canada, there is no such thing as a post bacc program. I have already graduated with a degree in sociology. My first year i was in physiology/pharmacology but my family had some serious health issues which kind of forced me to earn an easy degree and work for a year or two as a social worker.
As a canadian, i want to know what my options are? I was wondering if i should do a second degree (kind of like a post bacc?) in canada, or apply to a US school and enroll into a post bacc program? If so do you know which american schools will accept a canadian into their post bacc program?
As far as im concerned my path to dental school right now is Post bach-->1 year masters/smp-->dental school

Thank you for your help