Apr 6, 2010
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hi I just joined SDN and after looking through some threads i couldnt find what i was looking for, so i decided to post.

I am currently a sophmore (so its my 4th semester) and so far i have i have taken

bio 1
chem 1

and i am taking chem 2 right now.

And i am planning on taking orgo 1 & 2 nxt fall '10 and spring '11. and also take physics 1&2 in spring '11 and fall '11.

The only problem is i originally planned on taking bio 2 next summer since i wasnt going to be here this summer, and i didnt realize until know that i should be taking my dats tht summer.

so is it a gud idea to study for my dats while i am taking bio 2? and then apply around the first week of july?? would it make it more difficult for me to study bio 2 and prepare for the dats at the same time??

or should i just try and some how take bio 2 this summer and study for my dats next summer w/o bio 2??

Thanks so much!! cant wait to here what you guys have to say!!