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Need some direction...please help

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Imago, Jan 17, 2001.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Well here's the story. I am my junior in college at the moment. I should be preparing for MCAT's and filing my application out but i am not sure if I have the grades for them. I wasn't really motivated to study for the first two years of school. I did mediocre at best. However, recently when I began volunteering at a local hospital and there is a sudden awakening.
    I just realized what a mistake I had made over the past two years my not giving it all. Please if you could look at my stats and give me some advice as to what I should do? Should I apply this year? or Wait a year improve my gpa?

    Cum. GPA (3.27)
    Economics Major

    Gen Chem. I (C) and lab I (B)
    Gen Chem.II (B) and lab II (B)

    Organic Chem. I (NC)
    Organic Chem. I (B-)
    Organic Chem. II taking it this semester

    Bio I B-
    Bio II taking up coming semester

    Physics I B- and lab I (B-)
    Physics II not sure when i am going to take it

    Cal I (B)
    Cal II (B-)

    I don't know what to do? If someone could please give some insight I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

  2. ithinkso

    ithinkso Junior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Jan 16, 2001
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    you have almost exact same stat as me.. wow
    but then im only a sophomore so...
    cant help you.. BUT
    i will tell you this..
    be happy~!! i think you will make it~!!!

    =) kuk ki kuk ki yum yum
  3. I say, go for it. People with lower grades have been accepted. It depends a lot on what your grades look like this year. Adcoms definitely like to see an improvement. Even if you didn't do so great in the beginning, if you do better in harder classes, it shows that you really rose to the challenge, and probably gained some maturity. Your MCAT score will be really important. Keep up with the volunteer work and extra curriculars and you should have a good shot. Getting your apps in early is the key!
  4. newfocus

    newfocus Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Feb 4, 2001
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    Our stats are alot alike! its comforting to know that im not the only one out there in that situation. I'll tell you what I tell myself... go for it! totally 110% and get as much "hands on" experience as you can. Beef up your resume as much as possible in order to compensate for your little less than perfect GPA. and obviously kick it on the MCAT.

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