Need suggestions please!!!

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Jul 5, 2008
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I have AA degree with 3.94 GPA (overall) and 4.00 (science and math).
Pcat : 49 composite
88 in math
84 in chem
76 in bio

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I'm in the same boat. I have great GPA but crappy PCAT composite. I'm about to take the PCAT in about a week and I pray, pray, pray that I improve significantly.
Your grades should pull you through, unless your school has a minimum PCAT requirement. Besides, you only did poorly on your composite. You can always retake the test if you have too.
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From what I've seen you really need a composite above a 70 on the pcat to be competitive. And most schools really prefer you to have a bachelors by the time you start. Your definitly on the right track though and your GPA is great. What I'd do is apply every year and keep working towards your b.s. degree. Also keep retaking the pcat. I got a 59 my first time and raised it to an 80 on my second try. So if I were you I'd keep applying while strengthening your application. Its tough to get in to pharm school with only 2 years of schooling but stranger things have happened.
You really have a low Pcat. Should retake, otherwise you will waste of money to apply.

I don't think that's true. His/her GPA is really competitive, and all of his science scores are high. Maybe English is a second language? I'd try to take the PCAT again to bring up the composite, but I think the GPA is strong enough to pull you through OP :)
How did you get that low a PCAT score with that high a GPA? Were you really nervous during the test? I would suggest retaking the PCAT for a higher score... Otherwise, the discrepancy between the two looks worse than that PCAT score would look with a GPA of 3.2. The negatives that instantly come to mind when I see such a combination:
- the person's grades are really inflated - is the school even teaching anything or just giving away grades for free?
- is the person so poor a test taker that they will not pass NAPLEX and therefore reflect badly on the school if we do accept them?

So I would strongly suggest figuring out why you did poorly on PCAT, fixing that, and then trying again. If you still get a low score on retake, then try to come up with a really good reason for why it happens (because if you are invited for an interview, you are very likely to be asked just that), and beef up other sections of your resume such as community involvement/volunteering/professional experience/etc.