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Nov 3, 2006
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  1. Pre-Dental

what does 363 composite score tells?
do i need to retake the exam?

and also, does school looks at percentile rank or the scaled score....
i am not sure....
please anyone who know..please share it!!!



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Jan 14, 2007
Omaha, NE via Lincoln, NE - Home of college footba
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  1. Pharmacy Student
I forget which schools look at the scaled score as a few do, but the percentile score is the most common in PharmCAS schools.

In general, getting a score between the 75th and 85th percentile or above that range is considered competitive (at or above average) for most schools. A 70 is okay, but it won't help your application any and could be frowned upon by some people. Any score below the 70th percentile becomes a liability on your application that needs to be balanced out with a good GPA, interview, and/or experience record.

In general, schools seem more forgiving for people with higher GPAs but lower PCATs. There have been success stories here where people have got in with a 70 or lower PCAT. However, I would have retaken the PCAT had I gotten less than an 80th percentile given that my GPA had been average with a slightly downward trend.


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May 20, 2006
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400 is a 50th percentile so 363 is very bad, probably around 30-40 percentile. Did they give the percentiled score?
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